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  1. Mi-35

  2. "Models not mine, Copyrighted material... if you are willing to edit them, you can, i have approval from author, but only for the game...."-Gunnar88 Hah! The plane design is is SFRJ property.
  3. MiG-31B(BS) & update for MiG-31

    It could use a missile warning thing.
  4. What? What I wan't to do is to be able to download weapons,add them,make some of my own weapons,modify existing ones.
  5. The objeccts.cat did not exctract or whatever.
  6. Wings Over Europe Didn't come with one so where would I put it? I already have the file.
  7. WOE WeaponData INI

    It is a sister game,so it should be in the same spot.
  8. My game doesn't really have one,where do I put it?
  9. dreaded tank sims anyone.?

    Panzer Commander is awesome.

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