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  1. allies/axis-red/blue,pointless friday question

    really..show me where i have claimed that.!i suggest you read the posts before making comments..fact it was you who said people die fact, it benefits in every way imaginable..well it doesnt..and as i say..you point out in the whole thread where anyone claims outright war does not benefit humanity..you cant can you..so before you do your whole silly little end of story speech ..maybe go over the thread,as you will even notice,your first post had nothing really to do with the posts subject any..ohh and before you go re quoting in war,there are no good or bad,theres no winners,coz in the long run..humanity looses..thats not claiming outright humity doesnt benefit..read the posts and understand them first
  2. ethics of war...told you be deep for friday

    then on that basis when blair gave his evidance and appeard on bbc tv and said he lied...he must have been lieing then..and that was less than 4 weeks ago lol.. i know as much as people want to say no he didnt lie..when the man himself say he did,i cant argue with it lol
  3. allies/axis-red/blue,pointless friday question

    if i had touchy feely heart i would have gone into 3 war zones as my job,it so easy to sit as say harsh and people die,yes its fact...its tv ,computer game fact..until you do it,you dont know,until its affecting you,ya dont know...so..as i said,you havnt a clue..fact
  4. ethics of war...told you be deep for friday

    i think most are missing the point of hotnesses topic...i and correct me if im wrong,shes not saying the war was bad,infact in most post she says she supports it,i belive she is trying to see why use the "bad guys" tactics against them,yet on the same hand UK/USA are doing same yet we accept it...if we bring it down to who has lied over the war..then all 3..bush blair and saddam..if we bring it down to who tortures prisoners..its iraq,britain,usa..but we would still only focus on iraq and saddam,and we would get away with it or have an excuse for it...and again,if im wrong hotness please say,but i belive shes trying the one rule for one point...and it is right,as the uk/usa,we have gotten away with alot that we wouldnt let other countries get away with and tony blair has become a very rich man off the back of it all...bit like a dictator.lol...btw,did anybody in uk see his wifes ruleing as a judge the other day,letting of a violent criminal from prison due to fact he was religious and belived in god..lol
  5. allies/axis-red/blue,pointless friday question

    with all due respect..you havnt a clue,as much as you think you have..no you havnt ,
  6. allies/axis-red/blue,pointless friday question

    I agree,you have to experiance it and even then it doesnt say you will understand it, as for some other comments on another post,regarding in some ways we need war,..i think i just been beat to a similar point by hotness...it varies,you can say that if your one "the winning side",or your all nice and safe,and your family is safe..having said that and dropped alot of bombs myself,i always remember the footage of an aircraft bombing a bridge and a guy in his truck just missing it by seconds,he just gets over the bridge,and it was a great laughing point..but some off them didnt make it over the next bridge or the next,and they were only going home to there families..now to me,its a job,but as my son once said..when i returned ,will they bomb us at home,now i explaind no, useing the whole confidance that nobody would invade england and we are safe...but a tiny thing like that does make you think,yet as soon as its back to work time,i do my job,and i love it,but then as so many pilots agree,we dont see the human side,well very rare we do,and we can distance ourselves. so as for good and bad,as long as we are the side that benefits we can be ok with it...and in quite a childish way,im happy for my country to pick a fight with anyone..as long as it not north korea
  7. allies/axis-red/blue,pointless friday question

    well the whole were the goodies and there the baddies is alot easier to come to grips with...but...are you ready for this..i cant belive im gonna say this lol...in war,there are no good or bad,theres no winners,coz in the long run..humanity looses,as we are for no matter what hell bent on wipeing each other out,we will always find an excuse,even when we have the 2 last people on earth..you can bet they will fight,and when 1 man is left..he will pick a fight with a bear or something..theres never been peace between man...so what ever colours there is,theres gonna be blood red....wow,wtf happend to me then i went all philisophical..lol unless its falklands war that is...coz we kicked arse then pmsl
  8. ethics of war...told you be deep for friday

    wow..ok,im gonna need bucket load of coffee first ..but yes i do get what your saying,and yes we see ourselves as the model of humanity,and we say these countrys are wrong,unless there our allies,then they can have silly laws,they can treat women as second class..but as there allies its ok,and yes,power nations got to where we are by doing the same...uk colonized or colognised.(depending on which country n version you use lol),yet when we did,we sat back drank tea and made the "local" do our work...slavery ??...america vs indians etc...french vs french places lol,and you could go as far to say australia,britsh prison island has more freedom to do what they want pmsl...anyway,theres also cultures out there that we dont bother with,who go against all we see right..but we leave alone,and in alot of cases religion is an excuse...anyway..thats going a bit off track as why we lie to ourselves and as you say baddies so far tell truth in wht they gonna do or have ..as i said...need coffee before this..omg why on a friday nessa lol ALOT OF COFFEEEE
  9. as i say..its prob a dumb question..but what is MCE...as in you have strikfighter2.exe and strikefighters2.mce, obvioulsy i clicked and it just start up the sim,but am i missing something super secret or obvious lol oh and please understand..computer and me dont mix..my computer can beat me at chess..but at kick boxing between us,i win everytime cheers
  10. thank god for car boots

    when the ACA was designed,nobody really wanted much interest in it,the uk government only put a small amount of cash into it,BAe then made the EAP,it lost its twin tails as the main rear fusalage and tail came straight from off a tornado,in tests against the eap and aca shape,the eap won in most areas in various tests,as jedi said..wind tuinnels and computer simulations etc..plus as one BAe designer once said,the EAP is the ACA but on steroids,to fit the amount of technology inside it and the amout of air 2 air and air 2 ground,it just had to be beefed up,and i agree the ACA is stunning to look at ,but it was to sleek,thin,bit of a lightweight to say lol...and it was planned i belive that italian engines were to be used in ACA...but then as we all know,when it went from EAP to EFA..costs just started going crazy as they wanted more more more for the efa to be able to do,which i think money well spent myself,as its fan-bloody-tastic aircraft,the aca would have kept cost down but would be more comparable to grippen
  11. Hot Gun

    yeh i remeber this when it came out,its a cool P**s take lol,it was filmed in cape town south africa with one of them companys that let you fly buccs,hunters and lightnings for a sill amout of cash
  12. hi...anybody who in area of Bae warton,lancs,uk tomoz..should be a good freebie show as there a big hooha,first handover of the typhoon aircraft order to saudi,there gonna be red arrows,and a few typhoons....and a chance to see the saudi livery take to the air and it is a stunning scheme...obviously its a "private event" but anyone in st annes area will get good show. unfortuantly..i didnt draw the straw to fly there myself..lol,but our Typoon squdron will be in formation with saudi,belive saudi typoons actually taking lead ..as money n aircraft orders talk..lol cheers
  13. What does it feel like to be shot?

    without doubt a very strange question...pmsl...i know from iraq n afgan it must hurt..fookin hurt alot,..i have been stabbed through shoulder once n my god it brings a tear to the eye after the endorphins wear off..lol..as much as we do distance our selves as pilots dropping ordanace on what we only see as a target...never put human in equasion..unlike the groud guys..(mucho respecto to em)...but have always wondered about there last thoughts as the see little black dots getting bigger towards them...maybe.." hey look a bomb,n thers another" followed by "uh oh this is gonna hurt !"
  14. Hat TrackIR

    hi...with regards to the VRinsight Hat Track,i doubt it will work...i did own one and it was even worse than useing freetarck with home made stuff...i got track ir 4 pro,which is about £99 in uk from rc simulation in bristol...i was cheeky enough to pick it up in person and ask for a discount,which they did and ended up payin £ 89.99
  15. vanessa..member

    hi..thanks to everyone for your well wishes...i will make sure everything gets to her,as i speak to her partner quite often for updates,as me and her go way back as family friends..i see some of you know her well with her sarcasm n wit n general mouthing off at anyone who crosses her..LOL....many times ive been on the receiving end of it...i do however pray for the italian doctors n nurses who are doing a fantastic job in looking after her,as im sure when she is more attentive they will soon find her a handfull / nightmare !!!..unsure if she can swear in italian..but have feeling she will figure it out lol. we are taking 3 typhoons out to italy in the comming weeks..(unless we get sent to north korea instead..pmsl),and have arrange to visit her myself...i will be taking laptop for her,and hope she will manage a post her self soon...i know she will be touched by your thoughts.. cheers

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