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  1. ethics of war...told you be deep for friday

    well the american CiA has been all over the place here,as they have asked mi6 to cover up tortures,the cia are furious that these official documents were released over here along with mi6 documents regarding the torture of prisoners..and it refers to inducing phyisical pain for long periods. as for usa war..just because uk/usa went in together,doesnt mean we run by usa laws,it was first although never followed upon by kofi that the war was illegal,however,the uk government voted it as illegal,as so did many EU countries xx v xx
  2. allies/axis-red/blue,pointless friday question

    and how do you figure that out..? as your so mr clever from reading your last post..first of all do your homework,the humaity looses quote i belive from his first post is actually a quote by an american WW2 general,who lead many a battle and won..and as it said it refers to the act of being in war at the time so,he,s obviously wrong and your right i take it ?? ...yeh in your head , 2nd your putting humity as human species,it has many different meanings as in the saying "oh the humity of it all"..it doesnt mean oh the human race of it all..its a referance to the suffering,of how the human race looses its humaity and becomes more animalistic,you have simply taken 1 opinion..yours and gone with that , again your putting your great wisdom on things without thinking and reading..3rd..the whole it aint happening sunshine,tough guy internet thing...grow up .. as for emotions,ive read both your post and there opinions,thats all..theres no emotion in them,and by you doing the whole dense thing over somebody just saying show where they say something and you cant... you say further provoking me with your insults would be in violation,so where the insults that they put ..oh wait apart from you saying dense which is an insult..you show where ? so as i say..you both have opinions..but well unless you did your homework first and read what you yourself have actually put
  3. ethics of war...told you be deep for friday

    i dont disagree with that..there is a huge difference,but a lair is a liar,a country that torturtes is wrong..but a country that tortures and lies about it,signes up to an agreement saying they dont do it and condeming the other for doing it is just 2 faced,yet the point being..as uk,we get away with it because we are seen as the good guys in this,we are seen as doing right by saving iraq,and because this we get away with anything we want,if as blair said and admitted,the iraq war was illegal...he can still make his millions,if france says the war is illegal and uk was wrong,we ignore there opinion ..all because nobody is going to touch us,ok iraq going into kuwait was illegal and they acted upon i tand we responded with our action..so point im saying is yes,it all turned out for good..but 2 actions of iraq illegal into kuwait,uk illegal into iraq..but we get away with it because we can xx v xx
  4. ethics of war...told you be deep for friday

    blair belives iraq is his legacy..and thats why we over here in uk now belive he went to war,he sent someone a letter stating it will be a quick end and will be his crowning glory as leader of the labour party,yet it was his own party that turned on him..fact is,your own party,government dont like there leader lieing to them..and yeh he,s made alot of money fom it,they say 4 million plus for last year alone regarding doing paid speeches lol..but as i have said all along,i would support the war all along,i just dont see how they can be the rightous ones when deep down they are acting like saddam acted..and it as as someone said previous..one rule for them,one rule for another all for same action, i think if it was going to be a walk over like they thought it would be it nobody would care about war,but as more and more..over here anyway,parents and family wanted to know why there soldier sons were dying and what for it caused a big stir...but for 4 million a year..id go to war with all of you lol xx v xx
  5. allies/axis-red/blue,pointless friday question

    yes..but all your carbon fibre,computers,banana freezing machines,microwaves etc that you say war has brought us..the point is..if you see your family killed ,do you find comfort in your flat screen tv and think well its ok,my kids are dead but atleast we get HD now,and what when we wipe each other out..who then benefits..im not saying peace on earth and all that crap..christ give me a gun and ill shot half the people on her lol...( and you know who you are lol)yes man will always fight man to the very end...and as for needed war to control population etc,then why stop saddam,he was doing a job of wipeing out people,hitler did the same..yet we stopped them under humaity cause,cant have it both ways xx v xx
  6. ethics of war...told you be deep for friday

    its more of a cover up regarding the torture and i belive its more to do with afgan and 9/11...its only started comming out over here,but over here theres been some evidance produced that mi5 / mi6 and were involved in covering it up for the cia..the cia are furious that its been on the news over here in uk...i will find out full detail etc,but needless to say its prob one of them as so happens alot over here where our great secret service leave top secret documents on a train or in mcdonalds...can count on my hand how many times its happend in past year ..but needless to say its confirmed that torture took place and uk/usa coverd it up...now dont get me wrong,im not for or against torture..i dont belive it works,but again what gets me is how we portray the evil side of things regarding other country,s and cultures etc...yet we then do it ourselves in the name of freedom..(and i said that like braveheart lol)..as for did they didnt they have them regarding wmd,s in iraq..point being for years tony blair said yes..now he says no they didnt..my point being stand up sandman hussain.tony blair,bush..ask whos lied !!...btw..you in france..ohhhh im going paris soon yayyy x xx v xx
  7. right..so a totally un-friday thing about war..omg even i cant be arsed writeing this lol ok,despite all this, i think we are more right than wrong in how we go about things,but maybe just being honest about it,would bring more support..if they said were invading iraq coz we f***ed it up first time,id say ok,go for it..lol right,we all know and its been confirmed and admitted even more,especially past week by tony blair,that there never was WMD,s in iraq..bush n blair went to war over a lie..ok we all know that,we all have opinions if it was right or wrong,to me..i think it was right...but fact is they lied,and saddam told the truth,he always said no wmd,s..yet he,s dead now..(ok not really because of war we went to,it was iraq we decided his death penalty on differnt charges etc)..but fact is if we hadnt gone in over a lie,he may not be dead..,brits and americans tortured people over the war and 9/11..yet we lied that we did,its again now been admitted we tortured,yet we signed up to the UN convention agreeing its wrong,we went on tv in the war and said how bad n sick it was that iraq tortured our people,but fact is again..iraq didnt deny this,they were happy to show n tell they torture,yet we do it ourselves but try and hide it and preach to the world how good we are,how right we are,how humain we are...arnt we the sneaky ones.? we lie to get what we want,why are we better.?...after all,great britain once ruled the world so to say,and we did it by force,we were sneaky about it...nuclear power for middle eastern countries that we see as bad bad bad,they say its to give power to homes,not for nuke bombs,we say noooooo...yet we can have nuclear power,fact is we would crumble without it,britain would be back in stone age...they want to bring there country into "modern" times,yet we so no....so why are we the good guys LOL xx...Discuss...essays on my desk by end of day thank you lol xx V xx
  8. allies/axis-red/blue,pointless friday question

    oh just wait till my next topic..its just gonna be way to deep for friday..lol xx V xx
  9. ok..as its friday im aloud to ask a pointless question..lol...ok,in the real world of killing people and war..theres always goodies and baddies..now,we know that as UK and others we are allies..and the bad bad people are axis..(sometimes of evil)..then flying..we are blue,they are red..sometimes we have blue on blue friendly fire etc..(not mentioning any country specifically..ooh politics lol)...now,what if we are bad guys,do we see it as same..do the bad guys call themselves allies and us axis..and are they blue and we red..as each side will think there the goodies...what if they all sat down and tried to talk it out,woulnt that be awkward if say general bonk.(made up bad guy leader)..if he said we will accept peace if the allies get to keep the oil wells and the axis leave the area...well to the good guys,that just wouldnt make sence,they would think baddies are giving up oil field and leaving..so they would agree,nothing would happen,they both then say they broke agreement and they shoot each other...so who is blue..who is red.lol ?? xx V xx
  10. BIG mistake!

    Ok..im gonna give you advice of just let it happen and shut up,and at end of film say,hey hun,that was a great movie,maybe we can watch another sometime..(even if its red dawn for you)...see,all us girls love patrick,and last week i was happliy going about my own business,when i told my partner to turn off the tv and get up as we are going shopping,silly man said no..and after an argument that he would never win anyway..i politely explained that he can wwatch the silly fake breasted girls dancing n prancing on tv any other time,his answer was "well there better than patrick swazye films coz he,s dead"...needless to say,he lost the argument big time,he took me shopping,i spent most of his money on myself,he has eaten the dinners i have made him despite me making things i know he does not like,he has cleand and washed everything,he is aloud in bedroom to sleep,but no tv unless its what i watch..and this comming valentines,he will be watching ghost,and he will be smiling all the way through it x xx V xx
  11. and what if i dont want to forgive you huh..what then... xx V xx
  12. Now this looks lke fun!

    I love the captions at the bottom as there interviewing...visiting from las vegas...but hats off to who ever wrote the one when interviewing that young lad...Likes the flight simulator...still i wouldnt mind one in my living room xx xx V xx (oh the f-16 cockpit i meant in my living room...not a boy being interviewed,as that would be just weird)
  13. I need some advice on my next purchace!

    when my super doopey saitek gave up..i bought the normal t stick without throttle as a stop gap,and to be honest i love it,its been very reliable,real sturdy,not flimsy at all,some weight and bulk to it and does everything i ever needed..so the one with throttle can only be better...plus your paying a good price as its lower than what i paid for mine..theres no force feedback on mine,unsure bout one your looking at,but theres a joystick resistance knob under it that lets you adjust how it feels...for the price i think you gonna be suprised...coz as much as id like my whistle n belss kick arse joystick..they are silly money sometimes xx xx V xx oohh fact i just found t stick x on amazon uk for £30.00 x
  14. Quick question to any locksmith/former burglar here...

    your not having much luck recently are ya babes..lol, hope you get everything sorted..and i do a great service in ex-girlfriend removal if you need it xx xx V xx (i shall ask a friend of mine who has dabbled in locks for the wrong reason,but unsure if there same as UK ones,or if US is different) x
  15. thank god for car boots

    That will be my brother then lol ..if you ever see him in locals,just slap him from me xx V xx

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