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  1. GPU Upgradation advice needed

    just FYI, you should be able to upgrade you Power supply as well for under $40 and move up to an ATI 4870, which is a good mid range card.
  2. WoW!!!! When will this be available for Download and is it comparable with SF2I?
  3. Thank you, again. found it! Decided to build my own....in the process as I type.
  4. Thank you and hope you had great weekend. I did check, and what's listed is the old "DAT" file format, which is not comparable with the new (windows 7/Vista, etc...) software Ver. (which is .Pro). Thank you though.
  5. Hi Folk's, Hope everyone is doing well. I am looking to find a current (.Pro/SD6) X52 (non-pro) HOTAS profile for SF2(x). Any assistance would be greatly appriciated. thanks!
  6. ATI HDR Mod 1.03

    I followed your instruction for install, but I still can't get this to work (not txt in upper right hand of FPS improvement). AMD 955 ATI 4870 Merged install, windows 7 64bit
  7. I've been looking for one myself. the ones posted here are the "old" .Dat" format. Haven't been able to find and ".Pro" profile for any of the SF2 series....Please let post if you find one.

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