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  1. Do you have a military watch?

    here is the one I had while I was in the US Army from Jan 96 to Jan 02 http://www.armyuniverse.com/images/product_images/4107.jpg
  2. Runs A Mile In a Bomb Suit

    Them EOD guys have stones of steel I am surprised the don't leap tall buildings I will stick with Infantry
  3. The Warrior Song (Vid)

    I love that vid my wife loved it to thanks for the post INFANTRY LEADS THE WAY
  4. Aircraft Speed

    never did reply back I got it to work I just re-downloaded it :)
  5. An Interview with Capt Robert Ward

    nice read thanks
  6. Aircraft Speed

    I cant seem to get more than about 120 FT. off the ground thats even without a bomb load the only thing I changed was weapon types like LGB,NUC,BOMB so I think I messed up something just can seem to figure it out :(
  7. I have been looking around and cant seem to find anything on changing speed of the aircraft. every time I change it it dont seem to do anything. the reason is I edited the B1 to make it flyable and the type of weapons used but now when I get off the ground I cant stay in the air. I just need to know what to change. and the AI crash into the ground please help thanks EngineID=1 HasAfterburner=TRUE NumAfterburnerStages=4 SLThrustDry=64900.00 SLThrustWet=136920.00 ThrustAngles= 0.0,0.0,0.0 ThrustPosition=-4.47,-10.231,0.0 ThrottleRate=0.5 NozzleAnimationID=10 ReverseAnimation=TRUE IdleThrottle=0.10 IdleRPM=0.28 IdleNozzle=0.0 CruiseThrottle=0.37 CruiseRPM=0.82 CruiseNozzle=1.0 MilThrottle=0.65 MilRPM=1.00 MilNozzle=1.0 MaxThrottle=0.78 MaxRPM=1.00 MaxNozzle=1.0 FullABThrottle=1.12 FullABRPM=1.00 FullABNozzle=0.0 AltitudeTableNumData=10 AltitudeTableDeltaX=3048.0 AltitudeTableStartX=0.0 AltitudeTableData=1.000,0.982,0.834,0.696,0.581,0.488,0.306,0.247,0.105,0.000 DryMachTableNumData=4 DryMachTableDeltaX=0.4 DryMachTableStartX=0.0 DryMachTableData=1.000,1.000,1.000,0.000 WetMachTableNumData=7 WetMachTableDeltaX=0.4 WetMachTableStartX=0.0 WetMachTableData=1.000,1.000,1.207,1.483,1.873,2.250,2.427 MaxInletTemperature=120 GyroscopicInertia= TSFCM0=0.843 TSFCM1=1.260 AfterburnerTSFC=1.770 MinFuelFlow=0.01 ExhaustEmitterName=CleanExhaustEmitter ExhaustPosition=-4.47,-10.431,-1.555 AfterburnerNodeName=afterburner AfterburnerEmitterName=AfterburnerEmitter MinExtentPosition=-1.13,-3.68,-1.02 MaxExtentPosition=-0.14, 1.36,-0.04 FireSuppression=TRUE
  8. I have looked around and cant seem to find anything on engaging the VTOL on the F-35 for SF2E help please :)
  9. Desert Plus

    here is where everything is installed Inside the StrikeFighters2 folder you will have to create a new folder called Terrains.[with an "s"]Then place the DesertPlus folder inside the Terrains folder did this In the Strikefighters2 folder look for a folder called Flight. If there isn't one there, make one and place the Nations.ini inside it did this Place the decals in the Objects/Decals folder. If you don't see a Decals folder in the Objects folder, make one. this I kinda did in the zip file there is no decals folder only a Insignia folder so I took the Insignia folder and put it in my newly made decals folder so this is what the file structure looks like Main Folder C:\Documents and Settings\11bravo10\My Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe terrains C:\Documents and Settings\11bravo10\My Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\Terrains. where I put the DesertPlus folder Flight C:\Documents and Settings\11bravo10\My Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\Flight. where nations are decals C:\Documents and Settings\11bravo10\My Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\Objects\Decals. where i put the Insignia folder and I still get CTD at 100% load now mind you this is for a custom mission not campain but I do have a campaign for the desert Operation_Desert_Fury_F_22A just cant use it it keeps CTD with a terrain error so can 1 of you tell me what I am doing wrong :(
  10. Desert Plus

    ok reinstalled everything still nogo this is what the error is TerrainEngine.dll any ideas
  11. Desert Plus

    well doing a full reinstall then going to try it again
  12. help terrain prob

    I have done so about 5 times but will check again keep the ideas going thanks they may help if not can I barrow someones straight jacket
  13. ok here goes I for the life of me can not figure out what I am doing wrong fowllow all directions to add DesertPlus terrain to my SF2E it shows up like its there so I load into a single mission gets to 100% then CTD same goes for Operation_Desert_Fury_F_22A but I am sure the reason it crashes is because of the Desert terrain prob. because it dont show up in my campaign unless I change it from Desert map to GermanCE please help I am going crazy :(
  14. here is a couple more I like the B-1B this is what happens when there are 15 Enemy jets around with no more missiles funny thing made it to 5 miles of a friendly base and had to bail but was captured
  15. Desert Plus

    ok this is for SF2 and SF2E or no if not I know why I cant run it if yes I ctd at 100% load then crash

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