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  1. That wouldn't be the HHA would it?
  2. Shame, I suspect the A-1 is probably rarer then the Mustang these days? I wonder if the Tang lost elevators? Looks like the A-1 hit the Tang right where it hurts. http://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=287&t=37273&start=80 The control wires are right in that spot!
  3. WW2 Cannons

    I've read a fair bit about the Mossie and the P-61, overall the Mossie was a hotter bird but the size of the P-61 made it a stable gun platform. The P-61 usually had the turrts removed in early models and the later models didn't have it at all. The issue was the turret masking the elevator in nose up flight. Overall the P-61 was a late comer and so SHOULD of been better. I think many believed the RAF when they under played the Mossies abilities, some USAAF pilots suspected it was due to the RAF not wanting to divert aircraft to US hands as they shouldn't get enough for themselves. Between a P-61 and a NF 30 Mossie I'd prefer to be in the Mossie... The germans hated them with the Uhu pilots feared the NF 30's.
  4. Wasn't ravenclaw working on a Banana?
  5. Modernized military Hardware

    True but I don't think the Apache was in the running in the first place! I think it was VS the Mongoose and the Rooivalk. Shame they didn't get the choice of the KA-52!
  6. The UK Military to face large cuts...

    My main beef is the Trident replacement... Why do we need one? It’s a nuclear deterrent... TO WHO?! It is unlikely we are going to be attacked by a state or nation who is sane enough to feel that us having nukes is a deterrent. The people/countries who would use nukes at us/ our allies are those who wouldn't care of return fire! Let’s take North Korea for an example, if they wanted to fire a nuke, us having missiles or not isn't going to scare them. Our armed forces would be in a much better state if we didn't have to buy new stuff I honestly don't think we need... I think it would make a bolder statement to the world becoming a non nuclear state than it would be to keep up with the joneses,
  7. Modernized military Hardware

    The trouble is that the Mi-24/35 is a JOAT design. As a gunship it's big cause of the troop/cargo hold, and as a troop transport it's not much better than a cheaper Hip bar better armour, making it heavier and less suited for landing stoops in tight areas. I don't know why people would buy them these days. Didn't Brazil buy some recently?
  8. Modernized military Hardware

    The hind looks similar to the one in Blood diamond. SA do alot of mod stuff and some of it is rather good!
  9. Looks to me thet he didn't have enough beans and plain stalled it. The aircraft looked a little unstable just after he nosed up. Glad the pilot escaped ok and didn't land in his own wreckage!
  10. Concorde to fly again...maybe

    Would be very cool if they did. Would be worth them talking to the XH558 people i believe both use Olympus engines (the vulcan ones don't reheat i believe).
  11. Not sure if this video is new or not? But here it is anyway.
  12. f-4 phantom II air intake

    I think he means this bit, i think it's to slow air intake speed at MACH?
  13. Wikileak Apache video

    Sorry 4:16 not 4:19
  14. Wikileak Apache video

    I'm many things, one of which is a photographer. At 4:19 you can clearly see a head and an SLR camera with attached 300mm f2.8 lens. I maybe pushing it but i'd say an Canon 300mm f2.8 L with attached black lens hood.
  15. Dassaults Assault

    Agreed, the Gripen is probably one of the most capable (and cheap) 4th (4.5?) generation fighters about. I like them so much i'd prefer that we had them over the Eurofighter or F-35...

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