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  1. FYI...for those not familiar with the WoP patch history, if you already have a registered version of the game you can download ver via the YuPlay website which is the complete game WITH the release version DRM removed (along with a number of patch fixes) then install the latest patch on top of it (the complete game) that eliminated some previous stutter plus added a number of saved game replay options that weren't available before. After doing so, I would suggest you NOT run the file check option in the lower right corner of the game start page......it hosed my game installation to where the game start load page would hang (not responding). Not saying it will happen to you, too, but be aware should it do so you'll have to completely uninstall and then reinstall the game to get back to a working ver and then reload the patch. I bought the WoP release over a year ago and frankly gave up on it after two months because of game issues and near absence of Dev response. Fast forward to the past few months and what a difference with multiple patches (mostly geared toward Multiplayer) from the Dev's. With or without TrackIR, Wings of Prey game play grahics are really outstanding IMO. The building detail at low level is very complex. And coupled with the scenery it makes for a fun game to fly. Just to mention, I was one of the many that had been waiting for 6 years for the now-dubbed Cliffs of Dover but thankfully didn't jump on the released version which is as buggy as a hot summer night - and still is even with the latest patch. From what I've read to date Cliffs of Dover is as much a beta game release as WoP was a year ago.
  2. How Did You Find OFF?

    Read about it in a PC Gamer sim review by Andy Mahoud
  3. Just wanted to pass this on as a FYI. As OFF doesn't support SLI setups I had to run the game with only one of my GTX 26-216 SC's GPU's which limited my graphics settings. I recently went back to a single GPU setup with a new Evga GTX 570 SC (super clocked) GPU and - wow - what a difference! Now I can run at all "5's" at a minimum of plus 40 fps just sitting on the ground at 1920x 1200 resolution. World of difference in game play for me...
  4. Makes me wonder what the single player game will be like....which is my prime interest.
  5. If I'm reading right here, this is a retitled Storm of War that's been in "development" since.....since....um....2004? Yeah, well, until I see an actual hard copy at Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy or whatever this will remain the vaporware Duke Nukem Forever of the sim world in my book.
  6. That's great! And now let the tail spins begin!!
  7. I was running the 260.63 beta driver for almost two weeks but reverted to WHQL 258.96 because of some stutter problems with the FEAR series games I've been replaying. As for the newer beta 260.89 driver from what I read in the link all of the alleged improvements pertain to and are geared toward the 400 series cards which explains the existence of two beta's out at the same time. Point being, and as is stated in the 260.89 beta info, the posted alleged gains may not apply in whole or part with non-400 series GPU's.
  8. Thanks for the link - I'll check it out. As for the quality of onboard sound today I tend to agree with you. But as much as I paid for my XtremeGamer Fata1ity Pro new (before the newer PCIx1 Titanium offerings) I just hated the thought of putting it out to pasture even with having to use the Creative Alchemy driver. And while acknowledging sound quality is a relative thing I could tell the difference between the Realtek onboard sound and my sound card. Or so it seemed....
  9. I sure hope this could be the reason for my W7 problem with the Creative directx sound driver in my Nascar Racing 2002 game that turned it into a slide show on pause...and the only XP vintage game that I have that won't run with W7. Do you happen to have a link to where you read it?
  10. The 260.63 driver is a beta, not a WHQL driver. Gotta' ask - if you're not familiar with or don't like or are uneasy with video driver removal and installation why the heck did you opt to install a beta driver? And just to mention, I've been running the 260.63 beta driver for a week or so and other than a few suspected related issues I've not run into the "Kernel Mode Driver" error. But I'm running older GTX 260 version GPU's. And to your problem, I assume this Google search is what you're talking about - and note that it's with the 400 series GPU's as you have. http://www.google.co...248f386b3c06fd8
  11. Given the temporary monitor you're attempting to run OFF with "had some problems, was unresponsive, and put aside" methinks the solution to the display anomalies you're experiencing with OFF is right in front of you....so to speak. :wink2:
  12. To each his own I guess. But in my way of thinking if manufacturer drivers for it's monitors weren't beneficial then why do they bother writing them in the first place.
  13. I fly the other not to be mentioned here WWI air combat sim, too, and would be interested in your take on it to see if it mirrors mine. I also understand the turf issues which a few folks in both camps have taken to extremes, but even one of the OFF developers commented soon after the other not be mentioned WWI air combat sim was released that he welcomed the effort from the standpoint of increasing interest in (my choice of words) this facet of computer gaming and thereby interest in OFF as well. And obviously his opinion has been validated by virtue that OFF is thriving as well as the not to be mentioned here WWI air combat sim where both continue to provide both free and for purchase content updates. Frankly each game offers some things the other doesn't and from an interested user standpoint it's the best of both worlds.
  14. Again, as you can see in my sig I'm running W7 64bit with OFF (and with the HITR expansion but not noted in my sig) and with DirectX 11 even though my GTX 260-216 SC GPU's can't take advantage of Dx11. Point being I didn't have to resort to a dual W7 and XP boot capability, run OFF in XP compatiblity mode or go through any other machination. But this said, the thought just occurred to me if you didn't install your monitor mfr's W7 driver (32 bit or 64 bit as applicable) then it's running with the W7 generic driver which could explain the graphics issues you've posted. I'm running a Dell u2410 wide screen monitor and until I installed the Dell W7 64 bit driver after my W7 OS install the monitor was identified in Control Panel | Display | Change Resolution as "Plug and Play". After loading the Dell W7 monitor driver it's shown as "Dell u2410". Just a thought...
  15. If M$ holds to current plans as I understand it, security and all other support for XP w/SP3 (and the 64 bit version) will be discontinued in 2014 (XP w/SP2 has already been dropped) so one way or another you're going to have to update your OS. I also stayed with XP/SP3 through the Vista iterations and hung back after W7 was officially released. But I made the decision that when I did go with W7 it would be with a new system which is what I did early this year and by extension I installed a full retail copy, not an upgrade. And to my relief every single game XP based game in my collection except one runs without having to resort invoking XP compatibility mode - and the lone exception is due to inompatibility with Creatives W7 workaround driver for my Xtreme Gamer sound card, not W7 as such. And I attribute the near totally absence of game install and play issues to NOT installing a W7 upgrade on a XP hardware era system and instead opting for everything new including a full retail copy of W7 x64. And just to add, all of my exsiting peripherals (Canon iP 5200 printer, USB CH gear, keyboard and mouse, etc.,) worked from the first power up. And no issues with TIR5 either.

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