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  1. Rest in Peace... May he be ever on Eternal Patrol...
  2. in other words be ready.... sooon!!! Prost
  3. wow hilarious... oh yeah totally redneck quality points.. hell they may be contestants for the redneck games with a skill of this magnitude.... hahahahaha ;) good show!!
  4. Beautiful work!! Hats off to all the devs.. Two weeks is not so far away... hahahaha
  5. this will hopefully turn out to be wonderful!! two areas that i would love to see improved if possible.. more information concerning ground strikes and claims for them, kills of hangers, rail depots, etc.. it seems bombers can plug away at enemy airfields and railstations.. but we dont get more than a bomb statistic.. second,.. would be something different than just a black screen when your killed.. maybe a bunch of lads around the piano singing something inspiring in your memory.. here is an example of a good RFC song from the day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy4e0P6DNWw&feature=related please see 7:31 for my example.. besides that im sure everything else will be wonderful!! Cheers everyone, Blue
  6. Beautiful setup.. Thanks for your wonderful tale ;) and when the expansion comes out it will be even better... If these guys ever had the funds to buy their own engine.. well i wont go there because the level of awesomeness would be to great... hahahaha Cheers and see you over the front!
  7. sounds great cant wait till its out ;) Excellent work all round
  8. yes quite that is the master plan after all.. turnips for all, especially the krumpet menace.... brahahahahahahaha Im also for the orange color.. hahahahahaha
  9. 'Stubling through the door of the briefing room'... Yawn... Leutnant Wilhelm Von Konigstein Reporting in as ordered
  10. glad to do my part... fuur zeee kaiserr Blue781
  11. Sound great.. Think ill give it a try, although im not quite sure how long my pilot will be lasting though.. ;) and of course i will be flying for the dark side... Cheers
  12. Flaming Onions!

    Hey Stiffy, Rickity is right.. the more we show and talk about the sim the better it will be, Phase 3 has grown by leaps and bounds from the original.. down to the mechanic peeing in the hanger... ;) hahahaha.. tell everyone that is a flight sim lover about this game i guarentee they will be at least interested ;) Cheers, and beware of the Hun in the sun Blue781
  13. Congrats ZoomZoom, Your very own flyer!! Now get him back to camp, have a hell of a party (he is the main attraction..) before they come and collect him for the camps.. Im sure the boys back at base will have the booze ready.. ;) The honor of those days was amazing.. so much gentelman flyers... Where the enemy was still an honorable opponent, and countless rounds to the fallen foes.. Great Job..
  14. OT New 'Total War' coming

    exactly.. Steam is trying to be the 'future of gaming' in which you need certain 'software' to even get the game to run.. just another example of Corporatism trying somehow to force more money out of the consumer against their will, or forcing software on them that they personally may not want... I hate steam ugh !!!
  15. OT New 'Total War' coming

    Hiya, I still think the original Total war was the best and brightest of the series.. Total war 2 was great for all the eye candy.. and the worst and most buggy was Empires.. I own all of them and have to say it does go in that order.. I hope the new one turns out good.. but like Vasco said.. im leanin torwards the price dropping before i commit funds for it.. after all, im savin up for the new Silent Hunter 5 ...Rawr... Cheers everyone, Blue781

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