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  1. The story as widely copied across the Internet seems obviously wrong. The squadron and plane was stationed in the Mediteranean theatre and flew out of a base in Algeria. They were damaged over Tunis. Anybody with a map and some knowledge of the air war can see that they were nowhere near England, and would never try to fly to England. Below is a link to the true story, as given direct from one of the crew http://b-townblog.co...e-all-american/ He clearly states that the Internet is continually repeating this erroneous account about landing in England, and sets it straight.
  2. Pressing 'A' when you have no target selected just makes your wingmen attack enemy aircraft in the area (its obvious what they need to attack). To get them to attack a ground target you have to bring up the TAC, cycle to ground targets and select the target you want them to go after. Then pressing 'A' will make them attack that target. I can't check the specific key-presses,as I am at work, but I think the TAC is Shift-T, cycling that TAC is 'T', and next target is 'Tab'?
  3. I found some actual photos of these beasts here ... http://www.dieselpunks.org/profiles/blogs/knights-of-the-air-made-in
  4. Ditto: The Sidewinder FFB2 normally works fine with OFF - just plug in and it should work - no drivers or 'control software' required.
  5. Damn, such juicy hints. I must say, if you guys have managed to conjure up AI that know when to break off from fight then that would be incredible, and I mean truly incredible. What a massive increase in realism that would be. Combined with the announced real-outcomes for our flight-mates, this would really take the simulation to a whole new level. WOOF will be great regardless, but this particular line of hinting is making me drool.
  6. A very thought provoking topic. Well spoken ideas, all. I hope that mankind can someday outgrow those baser instincts that lurk below the surface in all of us.
  7. Wow. I am utterly amazed that a place could remain so unchanged after all those years. Thanks for posting!
  8. A real pilot wouldn't get to test the AI, so neither will I. Straight into a campaign. It will be fun to feel like a rookie again, and have that experience of learning as I go. All aids turned off and paper maps only, of course :)
  9. Very cool Bullethead! I learned lots of interesting stuff just now - thanks for posting
  10. I think "OFF - Reloaded" sounds sexier than OFF2
  11. A quick Google search indicates to me that pretty much all the combatants interned in Ireland were navy personnel, not fliers. It seems a bit silly to imagine a Spitfire and an ME109 ending up in Ireland - I can just look at a map and tell it couldn't happen.
  12. 50th Birthday today

    Fifty is a good age. Old enough to know better, but still young enough to do it anyway. Have a great celebration!
  13. Quite a feast. Thanks to Pol for putting that vid together. So much great new stuff I saw in there, but the blurb about the AI (they will scan the sky, think, and decide) really got my attention. It's all super impressive.

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