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  1. Going by memory here, but I believe the "Custom Consolidated Airfields" mod and the "Realistically Populated Airfield" mods are two separate and unrelated items. The first adds custom airfields and the second adds aircraft on the ground. You do not have the Realistic Populated mod installed so Mission Editor can't run that function. Hopefully others can chime in if I am off base.
  2. I have a 'wish' item that relates to the News (newspaper in campaign). Because the game skips days that have historically bad weather there are certain days were the news will never be seen, which seems a shame. I wonder if there is a simple way to have the game show the war news for the no-fly days as well?
  3. Thanks, that basically confirms my original post suspicion that the intercept missions don't work very well as currently configured. The enemy is far above you (basically straight up over your airfield) so it basically becomes a 'nothing' mission ... fly then land. Hopefully some day this might get modified such that an intercept mission is tied to an appropriate target such as an enemy two-seater doing recon or artillery spotting over the frontlines. My understanding is that such missions were common, phoned in by ground spotters.
  4. Here is a simple one: Problem: When AI scouts escort 2-seaters they are positioned directly behind and above the recon/bomber aircraft. If you fly one of these missions as the escorting scouts you quickly realize that this probably isn't how it was in real life, because you can't see the planes you are supposed to be protecting. The line of sight is down through the floor of the cockpit of your aircraft. Solution: Tweak the position of AI escorts so they are off to one side or the other, so you can see the planes you are supposed to be following and protecting. Cheers!!
  5. Hi Guys: When I have intercept missions (enemy plane spotted by ground observers, intercept), we never seem to intercept the enemy plane/flight. My flight leader dawdles through the 'climbing spiral to height', then dawdles off to 'waypoint one' (purpose?) then finally dawdles back to the search area. All this wastes time and we always seem to miss the intercept. Is this just me, or are some of you actually having successful intercept missions? Do you have to cheat and do an 'air start' to make these work realistically? Any insight would be appreciated!!
  6. CFS3 disc question

    At no point in the installation are you required to do anything with your CFS3 discs. Leave them in the closet.
  7. Rear Gunner Blues

    Yes, pretty sure it changes the rear gunner for every aircraft in the sim, including your own.
  8. I was using the mod with PE, but haven't gotten the BH&H version. I am wanting to keep things simple and clean for now but will probably start adding a few select mods once I have the new stock game fully worn in.
  9. Very interesting, yes! Thanks for the link.
  10. If you're on full autopilot then, to my way of thinking, everything is deactivated. You cant operate the throttle, ailerons, or shoot the gun on autopilot because you have given over control to the computer. Seems similarly obvious that you can't reload either (but perhaps I am missing something in the question?)
  11. One thing I have noticed is all the little forests that used to dot the landscape are no longer in the game. Consequently, navigation has gotten quite difficult for me as I used these for reference (they were marked on RAF-Louvert's maps and easy to spot from long distances). Now I am flying over big expanses of farmland and losing my way ... I will have to learn better skills! Suggestions from other 'map navigators' would be appreciated! The brown smudges on the in-flight and briefing map seem to correspond to small towns, so that might be my solution.
  12. I have had a few quick combats and two campaign flights. Looks great and runs great for me so far. I am running higher graphics settings than UE/PE and getting smooth game play. The flight of the AI planes is greatly improved, with very realistic jostling with the wind and realistic movements. Everything seems graphically 'richer'. The new sounds are really awesome and a noticeable improvement. Lots more to delve into; just scratching the surface!
  13. Guess what?

    My download took about and hour. Not too bad.
  14. Welcome!

    Yay ... my old login still works! Nice not having to wade through advertisements anymore, and I love the way pictures are nice and large (no clicking tiny thumbnails). Good move guys!!
  15. The story as widely copied across the Internet seems obviously wrong. The squadron and plane was stationed in the Mediteranean theatre and flew out of a base in Algeria. They were damaged over Tunis. Anybody with a map and some knowledge of the air war can see that they were nowhere near England, and would never try to fly to England. Below is a link to the true story, as given direct from one of the crew http://b-townblog.co...e-all-american/ He clearly states that the Internet is continually repeating this erroneous account about landing in England, and sets it straight.

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