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  1. New to FE2

    I am pretty new as well...I strongly suggest you go grab Ojcar's Armchair Aces Redux campaign (campaign that involves almost all stages of WWI and much/most of the add-on aircraft) and download and install all the stuff in the readme for it (be warned, it is an awful lot and will take you a good long time, but well worth it!!!!). Afterwards, enhance with a terrain download (a couple to choose from) and sky/cloud enhancements to make the environment "prettier".
  2. Sopwith Strutter 9700

    Wow, this is looking fantastic indeed!
  3. Enhancing default terrain in FE2

    I am interested in this thread too. I have seen many pics of Jan's and I find too much brown for my liking (no offense to Jan) - wish for just an upgrade on the default terrain. Does anyone know if "First Eagles stock terrains visual upgrade" by Stary will work for FE2? If not, are there any others that keep the spirit of the original terrain?
  4. ...well, i am at the stage where I am now adding the skins (Armchair Redux). I would like some clarification re: adding skins to other aircraft. For example, I am adding Belgian Nieuport 11 skins to the Nieuport 16 (which I am instructed to do) - it was no problem with the N11's, btw. Is it just a matter of editing the decal.ini's so the addresses corresponds with the nieuport 16 decal directory instead of the nieuport 11's? if i don't change it, will it not just go to the nieuport 11's decal directory and put the proper ones inplace anyway? - a bit confused...
  5. I am in the process of adding all the goodies for Ojscar's campaign and was wondering how skins and campaigns work together. Will the campaign call for a specific skin and what happens if i don't have that particular skin installed - will it crash?
  6. help - no decals on Roland d6a

    all is well gentlemen and thank you! learnt something new. :)
  7. help - no decals on Roland d6a

    Bingo! that did the trick...though the crosses seem awfully fat...wondering if changing it to 3 will help or whether it is just meant to be that way (?). Thank u for the help Panama Red. :)
  8. (FE2): probably an easy adjustment (pardon me as i am new) - but there are no insignia at all on the Roland d6a (by 101tfs). The 2 paint schemes that come with the model (unknown & Jag35b) do not seem to reference any decal in particular and do not have a "D" folder either (i have been getting other plane decals to appear properly by making sure that the "D" folder was in the required spot in the decal folder of the mod directory). The decal.ini files for both of the skins include sections like this: [Decal001] MeshName=Fuselage DecalLevel=0 DecalFacing=RIGHT FilenameFormat=Insignia Position=-2.28,0.04 Scale=0.5 DecalMaxLOD=1 ...with refence to "insignia" but no location and no "insignia" files per se. How can I make my Rolands nice and pretty with the proper german markings? thanks for any assistance. :)
  9. Got the se5 working (to an extent) by doing as i was told and copying se5a and renaming (sorry - thought there needed to be lod files and what-not there as well - turns out, not necessary.) - don't have a skin showing up on it - but i think i can figure this out (hopefully). thank you gentlemen.
  10. nope - it has an October2007 FM by Peter01...and it seems that Peter01 updated the N27_RFC as well as the N27 (which is marked as USAS) in Feb 2010 but did not do one for the N27_FAS. Just want to comfirm this (unless there is one mysteriously floating around somewhere). Also could the relevant files be edited from another version to the FAS one? New question (sorry) - have AI zepplin installed as per Ojcar's instructions, but i noticed if they spawn for single mission, it usually spawns more than one (4 being typical) and they don't behave nicely with that many (run into each other). I believe the campaign files are tweaked to have only 1 appear in Ojcar's campaigns, but is there any adjustment that can be done so only 1 spawns in single mission format?
  11. thanks for the help...don't have much in the se5a folder in the mod directory (user/savegames/thirdwire/ yadaya) except for some .ini's and a paint scheme. No se5a folder in the root directory. Does it have to be extracted from a cat file perhaps since it is stock??? mine says Peter01 October 2007. maybe an older version of the download. rechecking vs. your link...thank you. :)
  12. 33lima continues to be a great salesman - bought it as a result of his descriptions on SimHQ - have both OFF & ROF but am enjoying this sim quite a lot so far...thank u 33lima! :) Anyways, I am in the great mod collecting phase (been following through Ojcar's mighty list for his massive campaign(s) and am indeed getting there). 2 Questions that somebody may be able to help me with here: 1) following Ojcar's list i am to add, "SE5 SE5a FM - by Peter01 (uploaded by Christian59) (you'll need the SE5)." I have done this (have added many many other aircraft successful so far too so not a complete rookie here), but I do not see the "SE5" as selectable for quick combat - only the SE5a. anybody know if the SE5 in this case is suppose to be AI only? - I noticed that the folder only includes se5.ini, se5.data, se5a_loadout.ini, but makes reference in the files to the se5a model files. I changed the aircraft short name in the se5.ini to S.E.5 thinking that this may be the problem (previously/originally it is listed as S.E.5a for some reason). Anybody know what might be the problem here? 2) following Ojcar's list i am to add, "Nieuport 27 - by EMID (you'll need N27_FAS and N27_RFC)...Add Peter01 FM". great. N27_RFC added with Peter01 FM overwriting the original - fine. N27_FAS added, but cannot find a Peter01 FM for it. It seems to not be in his last uploaded FM package (only has the N27 and N27_RFC - no N27_FAS to be found). Anybody know where I can find Peter01 FM for the N27_FAS??? thank you so much for any assistance with these 2 issues so far. Redwolf
  13. Modders - whats on the list?

    Wish there was a modded big upgrade pack/ superpatch - an almost 1 click install solution (eg. HSFX for IL2) . I suppose this doesn't exist?
  14. was wondering if i install the new sabre pack, will it update the Sabres found in Nato Fighters or do i have to do some editing (and if so, what)? thanks for any info. :)
  15. Thanks arthur666, unfortunately I think I am doing everything you aren't supposed to. I download and installed suhsjake v1.3 Mig-15Bis as a temporary fix while I sorted things out and it overwrote the original .ini. - my bad for not making a back-up. Trying to pull it from the exp1 setup (using 7-zip), but I can't find it (it must be packed within one of those ObjectData.pat's). ...just having one of those days...arrrgghhh!!!

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