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  1. The Hard Stuff

    Its hard to beat a splash of Jack Daniels over some ice, which reminds me that my Daughter got me a fifth for my birthday a couple of months ago, just might have to crack the seal. In the category of Rum, Mount Gay Esclipse is my Favorite. I have about a dozen Mount Gay Rum hats as they sponser lots of sailboat races ( what I do for fun besides flight sims). Recently someone brought a bottle of Old Monk from India and I think I might have a new favorite. It has a nice Carmel aroma with a Whiskey like aftertast. I have always wanted to try Absinthe reqret not ordering some last time I was in Canada, I think I heard that it has been allowed into the States recently. What would be a good Brand to try?
  2. What nationality are you?

    Wanted to check in from Vancouver, Washington, about 40 miles Southwest of Mt. St. Helens.
  3. RoF First Impressions

    Don't Knock Dumb Blonds.
  4. OT- F****** Idiots!..hahaha

    There is a lot of Bull S**t and nonsense on the internet, but just occasionally you will read something that just cuts right to the Truth. Well Done Bullethead
  5. TrackIR Q ...

    I have had the TrackIR 5 for a couple of weeks, and I am very happy with it. It is smoother and feels a lot more natural then the TrackIR 4 especially when checking your 6. When I first installed it I didn't think that it was that much different just a little smoother then the 4 but after using it for a few day I reinstalled the TrackIR 4 and the difference was pretty amazing.
  6. TrackIR vs FreeTrack

    I have had the TrackIR 4 for over a year and loved it, the LED pro clip works better then the hat clip if there is any other light in the room. Ordered the TrackIR 5 when it came out, its even better smoother and more natural. I didn't realize how MUCH better the TrackIR 5 was until I went back to the TrackIR 4.
  7. TrackIR5

    Just got the Trackir 5 and spent a couple of hours flying with it. It is a improvement over the Trakir 4, nothing earthshattering just smoother and more precise, it feels more natural. The software is a big improvement.
  8. I have the Saitek X52 and rudder pedals that I have been very happy with just no FF, maybe I will try the FF Saitek Evo. With FF in OFF can you feel the control surfaces? Speed? stall buffiting? or just the guns? Does it help in flying to have the FF?
  9. I have had mine plugged into a USB hub for over a year with no problems. I am not sure what the difference would be.
  10. I have a FF joystick that I would NOT recommend. The Genius MetalStrike FF. What a piece of Junk I was expecting to be able to feel some stiffining of the controls at higher speeds, looser at slower speeds as someway of judging how close to stalling. The only feedback that I would get is when I would pull the trigger I could feel the vibration of the gun. Do most FF joysticks model the control surfaces, also does OFF3 model the control surfaces? Does anyone make a good quality FF Joystick?
  11. Amazing video, thanks
  12. This is a Great Sim, I can't wait to see what you come up with but I am sure it will be Great.
  13. 1. Sopwith Camel I can remember reading about the Sopwith Camel Vrs. Fokker DR1 as a youth the first plane to really catch my imagination. 2. Spitfire Just a beautiful Machine 3. F86 Sabre When I think of a Jet Fighter this is the Plane that I think of along with its counterpart the M15
  14. After a couple of very short campaign with the Camel I was determined to learn to fly this plane. I spent a week of just QC with the Camel, I am not sure how many hours but at least 8 after which I felt I was finally starting to get a good grasp of the plane although I would still spin or stall occasionaly (sometimes on purpose) The tips that I have found to work for me, lots of left rudder, easy and smooth on the controls, throttling back while making any hard maneuver throttle back up when you are going straight and level. There is not a lot of feedback for the sim to give you a feel for when you are close to the edge, but with lots of cockpit time you will get better.
  15. I also think the traker clip pro was a big improvment over the reflective clip especially if there is any other light in the area. I took a old phone headset that had a single speaker and mic on it an removed the speaker and mic and just use the head band and the tracker clip works great on it.

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