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  1. Sideslips

    I have the same stick and it's just something you have to practice. If you are new to flying, I'd suggest keeping it simple for a while and as you get used to the flight controls and the way they respond, you can add in advanced stuff. There's a reason they don't teach you sideslipping on your first flight in a real plane!
  2. Sideslips

    I've been sideslipping for years, though in the early M$ flight sims, it didn't seem to be modeled. In addition to scrubbing off speed, it often helps with visibility, especially in the older crates. I used it all the time in CFS2 with the Corsair, it was impossible to see over the cowling in straight flight. I've kept it in my bag of tricks for combat as well. In a WW2 a/c, I would lower the flaps and almost stall out if I had a Zeke on my 6 and he'd fly right by. In OFF, I have successfully sideslipped with an enemy a/c on my tail and he flew right by. I straightened out and had him for tea. If you try it, just be sure to watch your airspeed, it's very easy to stall in which case you'll likely be starting a new pilot.
  3. Wingman Commands

    Thanks Olham. I guess I'll have to try some different things but sounds like there's a lot of room for error.
  4. I understand the 4 basic commands, A-Attack, H-Help Me, R-Rejoin and S-Split but would like some help understanding better how they work, especially when I have multiple wingmen. For example, lets say I'm the flight leader and have 4 wingmen, wings 1,2,3 and 4. If I hit R they should all form up on me. If I hit S then 2 or 3 split off, wing 1 and maybe wing 2 stay with me. If I hit H, do they all come back or only wing 1? If I want the section I split off with S to attack, is that possible and if so, how? I guess I'd like to know how multiple commands or a command string would play out.
  5. I see that TrackIR 5 is now out. Sorry if that's old news, I've been away lately....
  6. I reality, though, once you are dead, you won't likely see the plane auger in.
  7. Wow, that's a really tough one, there are so many. 1. Fokker DR1 2. Sopwith Dolphin 3. 1929 D25 New Standard
  8. I think I have most of the tweaks already, though it seems there are lots of differing opinions on what works best. The latest round of adjustments seems to have helped some. I still get lower fps over the airfields, but if as said above it's a cfs3 thing, then I don't think there is much I can do about it. Currently, I have only a minimal stutter around the airfields at low altitude and it's livable. I got word at work last month that my hours may be cut (and 15% loss of pay) so I've been holding off on non-essential purchases. If I get word that I'm ok for another year, I'm planning on building my own computer but it looks like it will run $1500 or so. If you find any other tweaks that work, please pass them on.
  9. Thanks folks, seems to have helped a little. Very few stutters now, just have to make it back from a mission to try landing. I thought the Allies were on top of things in the spring of 17.......just got jumped on the ground by over a dozen Albs.
  10. I think I remember checking and unchecking some boxes there. I really didn't notice flying for the Huns, it seems like the F2b has a higher demand than the Alb series, maybe because it's a 2 seater?
  11. I have started a new campaign for the British flying F2b's for RFC 48 April 1917 from Bellevue airfield. I've been noticing that on final approach, my frame rates drop to 6-9 fps, where in flight, they run 30-40 fps. I did some test flights in QC and Campaign, results are similar. It also happens when I overfly an airfield at lower altitudes, as soon as I clear the field, the rate jumps back up into the 30's. I tried a different airfield, same result. I went back to Jasta 21 in an Albatros and generally the same thing, though the FPS is consistantly higher (50-60 in flight, 15-20's over any airfield). System: Dell E521 upgraded to AMD Athlon X2 5600+ (2.8), Win XP SP2, 4 gb ram, 9800GT, 500W PS. OFF sliders at all 3's except clouds at 1. Other than around airfields, things seem ok, but around any airfield, things get choppy especially turns. Any settings changes to improve things?
  12. Guess I got too used to sneaking up on Zeros in HOTP and CFS2. The Jap 2 seaters were a piece of cake from below and behind, they stay in formation, too. All you have to do is swing in behind and low and knock them down like swatting mosquitoes. Seems certain things in WW1 were actually better than later on.
  13. My Jasta 21 flight ran across a flight of 4 Strutters last night. I engaged the last in line, and dispatching them in reverse order, worked my way to the lead plane. They didn't engage, except defensively, which was fine by me, I needed an easy mission for a change. On the third one, I was climbing from below and behind him, figuring I was safe from his rear gunner. I took a couple of hits in the outer wings, but nothing serious, so I chalked it up to me being a little to one side. When I got to the flight leader (the last to perish!) I was very careful to line up at about a 45 degree angle below him, and directly on his axis. Next thing I know, I'm taking all kinds of hits. It seemed like he was firing thru his plane! I traded fire, I figured I had to take him out at this point or get shot to pieces trying to turn or dive away. I did get him, and limped home with moderate damage. I always thought below and behind was relatively safe from fire, but I guess there is no safety in war.
  14. less than 100% fuel loadout?

    It's another realistic aspect of this sim. Before I fly I carefully look at how far I'm going and where. I carry fuel to get me there and home, then add more to account for the forming up 3 times round the field, a little extra for high altitude climbs, and some extra for fighting. If I'm going over enemy lines, I'll carry more still to help make it back to the friendly side if I get hit in the tank. Fuel is weight, so I try to carry as little as I'll need without killing myself, just as in real life.
  15. Thanks for the tip, it's worked well with my new (but now obsolete) 9800GT512. In a few days, I'll have this old Dell E521 maxed out with a AMD Athlon x2 6400+ (3.2Ghz), 4 Gb of RAM, the 9800GT and a 550W PS. As long as I can keep it cool enough, I won't need to buy anything else for it.

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