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  1. As the title alludes to, this is Mick Mannock’s story. I thought it was about time I profiled a British pilot. Once again youtube is being royal pain. I have tried numerous times to upload only to have it fail. The video time limit on youtube is 10 minutes and this one is 10 minutes 50 seconds. Okay, so maybe the extra 50 seconds is too much. I split the video into two parts and I was still unable to upload to youtube. So I went with the fall back of Simtube. Whereas youtube has a 10 minute limit, Simtube has a limit of 250 mb so the resolution is less than what you can put on youtube. Oh well. Hope you enjoy it. http://simtube.com/v...97/Mick-Mannock
  2. Had some free time and started experimenting with GIMP.
  3. Remembrance

    Wow, thank all of you for the kind words and I'm happy the video has been well received. I usually render my videos in a higher definition but recently I have a problem with uploading to youtube. I thought they change the resolution when they convert videos to the flv format anyway. I don't really understand how all that stuff works. I will try to upload a higher def one and see if it's any better. It's just a hobby. I'm a service tech for mailing machines. You and more than welcome to use any video I've made any way you see fit. I have stated before that all I do is take wonderful music and combine it with an awe inspiring, beautiful sim. While recording video for Remembrance (and other times) I actually stopped to look at the overall scenery and thought to myself, “My god, how beautiful!” It really sucks you in. All of you at OBD have made it easy for me to make videos. Thank you all!
  4. While poking around on Wikipedia I was reading about the American actor Cliff Robertson. This is the bit I found interesting: Immediately after winning the Academy Award for Charly, Robertson attempted an aviation film tentatively titled I Shot Down the RedBaron, I Think. It was a spoof in which he played a fighter pilot against the Red Baron, who dressed in pink and was obviously gay. The Red Baron was played by Don Watson. During the summer of 1969 Robertson’s production utilized Lynn Garrison’s War One airfield, at Leixlip, Ireland, with a collection of replica aircraft, vehicles and support equipment. The film was never completed.
  5. Remembrance

    Can't get the embedding to work. I may not have waited long enough after uploading for it to "activate". Anyway, here is the link. Hope you like it.
  6. Two short videos

    Yea, these were older video files leftover from other projects. At first I missed the “orange boom” but then realized the Hollywood-isheffect was out of place. Thanks for killing it. I checked and you are correct, I encoded at 4:3 tv ratio. I use ProShow and my only other option is 16:9 widescreen which, for some reason,makes is squished and really distorted. I recently replaced my 21” CRT monitor with a 23” LCD. These older clips were recorded using the CRT, but encoded on the LCD. Don’t know if it makes a difference. The Frank Luke video I did was recorded,edited and encoded using the LCD. It was saved in the same 4:3 ratio. If you don’t mind, Flyby PC, take a look at that one and tell me if it looks distorted also. Here is the link again: http://simtube.com/v...-HellFrank-Luke I will take a look at Virtualdub. Thank you for suggesting it. Rickitycrate, you are more than welcome to link any of my videos to Sim HQ any time you want.
  7. A couple of short videos made with some leftover clips. http://simtube.com/v...HellCompilation http://simtube.com/v...ots-of-Flanders
  8. Frank Luke video

    Don’t mind at all. Anything that helps promote and gain exposure to OFF is a very good thing. Thank YOU!
  9. Frank Luke video

    Hello Rickity, The view you are referring to, “…closeness of the pilot to the windscreen.” is zooming in with the ] key. I wanted to convey something more intense, up close and personal. The outside views are chase, target to player and I can't remember what the other one is called. I zoom in and out and use the hat switch to get the desired angle. I'm happy to hear that you liked it. I tried to make it as historically accurate as possible, given the information found on the internet.
  10. Good video. At times I have worse jaggies that yours. Lovethe music.
  11. Frank Luke video

    Hey Rickity Not sure I understand about changing views. Do you mean fading from one to another or the different external views? Thanks Olham I’ve been working an insane amount (lots of overtime) for the last 6 months and have missed making videos.
  12. This is a link to Simtube. For some odd reason I have not been able to upload to youtube and I do not know how to embed a Simtube video. Sorry if this creates an inconvenience for anyone. http://simtube.com/v...-HellFrank-Luke
  13. I’ve been away two weeks for company training. Just finished a video I started before going out of town. I need to read the last two weeks of posts to catch up.
  14. AI is beautiful

    I stand corrected! He's ugly as hell and dangerous!
  15. Have to smile .....

    I love the eye candy and physics in ROF. But I do not fly multiplayer so I have little interest in it. I have read where there is a single player element but its scope must be limited giving the fact that there are just a few planes and takes place in 1917-18.Like many others I see nothing wrong with flying other WWI sims if you enjoy them. It seems it boils down to a turf war. Is it against etiquette to mention one sim on another ones forum? I suppose it depends on the context. This is the first forum that I have ever joined so all the flame wars, haters and whatnot is new to me. I glad to see that there is none of that nonsense over here.

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