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  1. Win XP Pro 32 but I have Win 7 64 bit sitting on the shelf - don't feel like using it just yet
  2. Can't install OFF

    Little update here...Got me a new DVD drive, everything works now...that's well that ends well... Hi duck, wasn't flying much lately, just qc's, might get back with you guys sometime this week... should I d/l something to be able to join?
  3. Can't install OFF

    Thanks a lot uncleal,alm and Pol, I tried it on a friend's PC yesterday and it worked!!! So I'll keep looking for a fix. it just puzzles me why the damn thing plays other dvds...anyway I'll let you know when it's fixed
  4. Can't install OFF

    Ok, I figured how TC works and tried to test the disk, the result is: Error: The filename,directory name,or volume label syntax is incorrect... sigh
  5. Can't install OFF

    ty for your suggestion, alm, i tried that program but unfortunately it can't see the OFF disk just the same.if I click on my optical drive in explorer- nothing shows up on the right side, it's like the the drive is empty.I guess it's best to try OFF disk on another pc...
  6. Can't install OFF

    lol, tried all regular voodoo moves...to no avail... was thinking of getting new drive, but it just dont seem to be right thing to do...
  7. Can't install OFF

    Cleaned it real good, uncleal, windows still can't see it...
  8. Hi all, I'm having a little problem:after fresh system reinstall my dvd drive can't read OFF disk while it can read everything else. Im pretty sure I didn't damage the disk, it looks perfectly new... Any ideas folks?
  9. A little more twist

    Hi SvK When in game press esc -- in top right corner menu click on controls-- in controls window chose "all commands"-- scroll down the list to rudder(left or right)--there you should see two sliders --you can adjust rudder sensitivity by moving them to the right (My rudder movement assigned to 2 joystick buttons withh sliders on full) HTH
  10. Hi Hellman My wait in Toronto was around 2 weeks plus-minus couple of days - unbearably long, but like the guys above said well worth it. cheers
  11. Olham, D7 dont look as good, but it kicks it re-e-a-l-l good...
  12. Don't worry Cosmos, good ol' Canada Post's taking its sweet time, it'll be there soon
  13. mp game up downunder

    tried to join but couldn't go past 'loading' screen...sigh
  14. I want my cockpit back!

    Hi VonAce, Not sure about your 1st problem, think you might try fiddling a little more with view commands found here http://snomhf.exofire.net/data/OFFcommandkeys.jpg There were few suggestions on fixing warp issues in this thread http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=39297 or you can use CTR/SHIFT/E - R instead of warp which gives you more control over your plane. I'd guess 'a lot' of error messages could indicate a bad install, I'm getting just one about some skin mismatch but its not critical enough to worry about. Anyway, take a screenshot when you're getting error and post it here, so we know more about your problem.
  15. well I spent about an hour trying - not even close...I remember WF2 was saying she did it, but not sure whether its in OFF or with real replica dr.I

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