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  1. Hello, I am locking for some models to add to another game if someone have these models please can you share them with us. this is the models: ZSU-23-4 Shilka SA-6 Gainful ZPU-2 ZU-23 Thanks, GK
  2. Thanks for your help gentlemen. Hi EricJ you can send me the file that will be great my email is gulfknight@gmail.com Take care, GK
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has created the Dassault Rafale? And if there is a model can someone give the url to the file. Thanks, GK
  4. hello, I relly like your work but the flag on the tail is not the kuwaiti one it's the UAE this is a photo of the Kuwaiti BAE HAWK take care, GK
  5. Gulf Knight

    Welcome to the web site of the Gulf Knight. This is a great place to come and view / download just about any model you can think of to add to your Jane's USAF game. My intent with this site is make available as many different planes for all you USAF enthusiasts (like I am! :D ) http://www.gulfknight.anycities.com/

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