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  1. TrackIR

    Have made no changes to the software configuration.
  2. TrackIR

    I'm using the hat clip but the clip is sitting on the desk and how did you know about my cat with the green eyes? When I bring up the TrackIR v4 software I can see the three spots for the reflectors but nothing for the clip (as I would expect). When using both I would have to re-center every couple of minutes, more if I moved my head any extreme amount. Also, while I could turn my view all the way around to the right the screen would shake before my view got all the turned around. I did have the clip on the left side of my headset. Without the clip I get no shakes and can turn my view 180 in either direction and I seldom have to re-center even if I make extreme head movements. I haven't done anything as to ambient light conditions. What I haven't tried is running it this way using beta version 5.
  3. TrackIR

    I shut it down and brought it back up several times yesterday. It works better without it. I can turn my head all the way to the left without the view starting to "shake".
  4. TrackIR

    Well that's just the thing, when I turn my head it does move, left, right, up, down.
  5. I started up a game this morning and decided to try TrackIR again (haven't had a lot of luck with it being stable). I was into the game for a few minutes and discovered that I had not attached the three LED unit to the side of the headset. As the performance was great I kept playing with out it. After 15-20 minutes it was still performing fine and I had yet to have to re-center it. I was running version 4 of the software. Haven't tried it with version 5 beta yet. Has anyone else experienced this? - Sir Valen
  6. Let me go to the link you have above and see how far I can get. Been off of work due to some surgery and am going back tomorrow so not sure of my schedule yet. Will keep in touch.
  7. Hi all, I'm a new member and a PC-idiot type as well. I have a similar situation where I would like to set up my computer so a friend of mine and I can co-play so to speak. The challenge is that I'm located on the West coast and he's on the East coast. The configuration on my end consists of the line in from the ISP which goes to a switch. One PC is connected to that switch as well as a wireless accesses point and another switch. The second switch has a PC, a Mac and a printer connected to it. The PC connected to the second switch is the machine I want to host the game on. I understand that this configuration complicates things a lot. Any help anyone can provide will be really appreciated.

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