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  1. Map crashes scrambles?

    I'm going to try to find a new driver for my card I guess. I had another scramble with my four planes (including myself) with graphics settings changed to the lowest settings and it still fubar'd. Yet two missions later my flight (of four) was accompanied by four other friendlies, and there was another flight of four friendlies over us, with six enemies flying in and at full graphics settings, the map popped up just dandy. Hopefully this'll fix it.
  2. Ohhh, there they are! I'm going to try those out on my next round. I've finished up the Bebe (both with and without khaki tail) and will probably move on to the E.III. For reference: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=9278 (khaki tail) And: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=9279 (standard tail) I'll probably have to wait a few weeks to get back in to skinning. The Mister comes home on Wednesday and about a week after we're flying back to the States for about a month. If he's particularly intolerable before then though, I'm sure I'll be back in PS trying to get another plane done.
  3. Version


    So, I've redone a N11 with no roundels. This is one with the normal blue/white/red tail. (Sorry the screenshot isn't the greatest... it's just the N11 with no roundels or weird birds on the fuselage.
  4. File Name: off_NieuportN11_t_Esc 3 1916_w-Tail.zip File Submitter: Kelly Mo File Submitted: 29 Jun 2009 File Category: Aircraft Skins So, I've redone a N11 with no roundels. This is one with the normal blue/white/red tail. (Sorry the screenshot isn't the greatest... it's just the N11 with no roundels or weird birds on the fuselage. Click here to download this file
  5. Version


    So, I've redone a N11 with no roundels. This is one with a khaki tail.
  6. File Name: off_NieuportN11_t_Esc 3 1916_no Tail.zip File Submitter: Kelly Mo File Submitted: 29 Jun 2009 File Category: Aircraft Skins So, I've redone a N11 with no roundels. This is one with a khaki tail. Click here to download this file
  7. Well, due to the excellent advice (to everyone... none of the specifics mentioned worked, but I was able to actually combine all three of your suggestions and get it to work), I have my tails somewhat realistic looking. Sandbagger's method almost worked, but it still retained a funky off-colour (especially when I didn't level the blue/white/red to one shade. That fucia, white and St. Patty green was quite an eye-opener). OvS actually confused me. I don't know what hard/soft light is (couldn't find it), but searching for it led me to discover something new. (By the way, I'm using PS 5.0... so maybe those commands hadn't been invented yet?) For those interested in what I did: I copied the tails to a new layer, desaturated, and then stamped/cut-n-pasted the red-and-blue-turned-grey to cover the white area so it was all one basic level of grey. Then I cut and pasted the darker ribs as Olham suggested to cover most of the missing rib areas. Then, completely by accident, I found a new command while trying to figure what OvS meant... image -> adjust -> variations. From there, since I had a tail that was all one shade (with ribs, albeit grey), I mucked around with that until it was almost the colour of the fuselage. Now, one last question: How do I go about uploading the skin so others can download it from here?
  8. Thanks everyone for the advice! I'll try to fiddle with it out tonight and see if I get anything to work.
  9. I've hit a stumbling block in Photoshop that none of the online tutorials seem to solve. I'm having serious issues with the "replace colour" feature. My problem is that all the tutorials simply show how to change a selected colour to a different, yet ambiguous colour. I'm trying to change a Nieup 11's tail to just one colour - the standard khaki tone. I can get the red/blue/white to change to various other hues (like magenta! Yay! ) with no problem. But that khaki colour? Not a chance... since there's only Hue, Saturation, and Lightness. And the problem just lies in the fact that I want the ribs to show through, but I want to lose all of the colour scheme. So my question is this: is there a way to truly replace one colour with another? If so, where's the blasted command? This is driving me looney... haha Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks all for the opinions and suggestions. I'm definitely going to be getting TrackIR... and perhaps a twisty stick. Thanks, British_eh, for mentioning your issues with TrackIR. I hadn't even thought of the whole site-line-up bit, but now that I know how to fix that issue, even better! So I'm off to scout eBay for now... otherwise I'll get it new. And I'll go get some beers to celebrate once it's arrived.
  11. I'd noticed a few times before that while I was playing I'd hit the 'm' to pull up my map, and the game would "crash" straight to the campaign menu. I ignored it, making an effort to just not hit the map key. But now it's happening again. I've been assigned a scramble, and the map button always kicks me out of my flight, as though I never even visited the briefing room (I'm only mentioning it now because I've kicked myself out three times. The first time I actually did intend to look at the map and see which way my home was, but the other two were accidentals while trying to hit another key ). I'm thinking maybe it's just something related to scrambles, since it's happened before and I *think* it was also a scramble. Another note: when I'm kicked out and I go back to the briefing room, I get the scramble again, just like nothing had ever happened. Is anyone else experiencing this "feature"? I guess it could be a godsend; with all the collisions and accidental stalls, I *could* just hit the button and undo everything when it all goes to Hades... :blush2: But really. Is something fubar'd?
  12. OFF has been quite an addictive source of fun lately. Since I lack both rudder pedals and TrackIR, which would you suggest I invest in first? I probably won't buy the other until at least September... so, what would YOU recommend for the next three months of fun time? (Further notes: 1) I'm actually going to be spending about 4 weeks in July/August with family and inlaws, and that will negate any gaming time. 2) I am running the game with "Flight Log (Realism: 40)", which I'm sure is tragic to see, and all because I must use "auto-rudder".) Of course, I could just buy a lotta beer instead... Feel free to explain your reasoning. :drinks_drunk:
  13. Newbie questions

    Nope, not your problem. I'm just blind.
  14. Out of fuel

    Once again, thanks for the input. I guess I was dead-set that I MUST visit all the waypoints for the mission to be a "success". I've been assigned one since then, and I just flew around and enjoyed the scenery until six SPAD VIIs decided to enjoy it with me. It seemed about time for a new pilot anyway. My final consensus is this: my in-game superiors just hate me and wanted to get rid of me. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  15. Newbie questions

    I referenced that page a number of times before I actually bought BHH. The only thing it mentions regarding time acceleration is "Note: Using WARP or time acceleration can mess up times too.". Not exactly informative, nor something that would actually imply that warping and time acceleration were two very different things.

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