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  1. Me, but I only thought of those 2D surfaces that look like straight cloud walls in all directions, not complete clouds, they are great ...
  2. Hello, WOFF is a very excellent flight simulator from WWI, but the only thing that I think is harmful to him and there is such a flaw in the beauty are the clouds of the 2D wall, the only thing that makes this great simulator (in my opinion) detracts a lot. Will this be addressed in the future? Thank you for answer.
  3. The choice of aircraft would be large. Especially the years 1915-1916 are much missing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_World_War_I_Entente_aircraft https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_World_War_I_Central_Powers_aircraft
  4. New Aeroplanes?

  5. Great, everything works ... I uninstalled WOFF using Toolbox and then reinstalled WOFF. Replacing the magazines for the Lewis machine gun works great, thank you very much ...
  6. I'll look into it, thank you. B.
  7. I'm doing it, it's written on the official website that I have to keep it until the gun goes down, but nothing happens. It is possible that I have a bad keyboard or I recently decided to set it in win with holding Shift for a long time, so I will try to reset it in the original state in windows in on my PC.
  8. Thank you, but the fact is that when I use the ctrl + G function, nothing happens and the weapon doesn't go down ...
  9. Hi. I'm having trouble reloading the Lewis machine gun magazine, using the following features: ctrl + G, Shift + G and ctrl + shift + G Should something be set up somewhere or I have the wrong procedure. Can anyone please advise me the procedure? types of aircraft that do not work for me to replace the Lewis machine gun magazine: Lewis machine gun for Nieuporty, DH2, Bristol Scout, S.E.5. Thank you for any advice. Buffin
  10. "Run-Time error 13"

    Before turning on the game, I always switch the keyboard to EN. Otherwise, everything works as it should. I'll look at the procedure in your manual and I'll try to send it. Thank you :)
  11. "Run-Time error 13"

    Everything works as it should, but after each mission in the campaign and in "Quick Combat" when I want to recap the flight (using the button: "Review Mission", in the attachment in the picture) the error message Run-time error 13 appears and the game crashes into windows. But otherwise the game works for me without any problems.
  12. When I wanted to replay the flight plan, a "Run-Time error 13" warning appeared and the game shut down. Has it happened to anyone yet? I think it was a long time ago a similar problem with the old version of WOFF and it was solved by another patch.
  13. I tried to use MODS "Effectsnotracer" via JSGME and it works. Another real estate, there is no way to see the trajectories. Who knows the mode from the older version of WOFF, so let's install it and be satisfied. Effectsnotracer.zip
  14. Windows 7

    Hello all pilots. I want to buy a new PC running Windows 7. Windows 7 is a problem for OFF? Or Windows 7 OFF works with no problems. Thank you for your reply. Buffo
  15. Belgium

    Applied in other plane than Hanriot eg : Farmans, Sopwith Strutter,Nieuport 10,11 and 17, Spad VII,XIII, Sopwith Camel etc. See link : http://www.baha.be/Webpages/Navigator/Belgian_Aviation_History/ww_i/WW1.htm Buffo

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