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  1. How do I install this package? OK, I´m new to SF2, so please bear with me. Some time ago I've played SF1/WoE etc and have done some installing, but I am new to SF2. I have TSF and SF2/SF2NA installed (wich were quite simple "double click-installs") on Windows 7 (on a D: drive ...\SF2). Quite simply: Where do I copy the folders and files? (I have them unzipped through .7z) Thanks for any support on this.... really looking forward to trying the J35J :-)
  2. My (new version) of Terrain Editor hangs when it tries to "autotexture". I've tried to follow the above steps but it doesn't work. One question: Where do I find the "desert terrain" mentioned above?
  3. I've installed the Saab J-35F Draken v1.0 by Lud von Pipper from column5 and have tried to install the weapons as well (RB 24, RB 27, RB 28 and tanks). The weapons are there, i.e. I can load them out and fire them but they are invisible. Since there are (seemingly) nice bitmaps included in the add-on I would like to see them as well. I've copied and pasted the Draken weapons folders to the main WoE Weapons folder and copied and pasted the INI-text to the INI-file and used the Weapons editor to add the weapons but they are still invisible. Does anyone have some input on this I should be grateful. By the way, thanx Lud for a great add-on! Only missing the Viggen now... /Slope
  4. OK. I didn't mention I had copied them to the folders as well. Do I need to do anything else. I've renamed the INI numbers on the INI-text to be sequentially numbered with the rest, has that messed something up? Excuse my ignorance, I'm no modder.
  5. Does the "radar off" command have any real use in the sim? Whenever I use it my wingman/wing responds "not able". With that in mind, does the game take into account the fact that switching your radar/ECM off makes you more "silent"? I´ve tried that during missions but haven't really noticed any effect. In reality that would, since being lit upp like a christmas tree would make your presence known, even though your are hugging the ground. And ECM, while it would cloak you, would still tell your enemy that something's afoot... Another thing: Is there a patch with a "Scandinavia theater" or the like for WoE? A Battle for the Baltic, with SU-24 attacks and Viggens would be nice... Also, dogging MiGs in Norwegian fjords and mountains (remember "Eurofighter") would be quite a challenge...

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