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  1. actually i dont want all that terrain just the east part covering Venezuela Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic but i dont know how to cut that section of the DEM on the terrain Editor and eventually make another one complete. I haven't any experience with terrain editor and need help with the procedures whit the programs to do so !
  2. Hi guys I'm just trying to make a terrain based on the Caribbean to Venezuela. I'm using the tutorial from here but I'm not too familiar with how to use the programs like TDF tools or gimp even the terrain editor. i get the .DEM and open it in the terrain editor, then open it on GILP and make the color pallete for elevation and the 3 planning maps base 256, 512 and 2048 now I'm stuck cause i don't know how to make the lat and long grids, populated with borders create the targets areas all to make it playable for a naval campaign like liberating Venezuela SU-30mk2 Flankers and F-16A vs F-35, Rhinos Using Puerto Rico and Florida in blue team. I would appreciate any help at all to learn and/or make the terrain. its my first attempt tp make one. please help.
  3. have a hard time with the externar tank to add in and the others pods only have all the weapons using weapons pack 1.52 help me please

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