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  1. Dangerous Waters Contest

    I'm in
  2. Hilarious!!!

    This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing
  3. Hi Eric! Good to see you and Buff as mods for SF! Even if RL is preventing me from doing any flying (and skinning), I still check the forums for any news! Cheers!
  4. European Championship Soccer

    Based on their performance in the first game, I'd say Sweden is a strong candidate for the championship. IMPRESSIVE!!! However, I hope Denmark wins!
  5. Good advice, Beer! Call me naive - I understand that some people steal, cheat and lie, but why? I find skinning fun, but I wouldn't take pleasure in claiming other people's work as my own!
  6. This skin is now available at CheckSix Enjoy :D :D
  7. Hi! Here's a preview of my first skin for SFP1 :D This skin is for 331Sqn Royal Norwegian Air Force and contains serials and squadron codes for all F-104G operated by this squadron.
  8. You can find a keyboard template here: http://library.avsim.net/index.php Enjoy!
  9. Good news! Over at the SimHq forums, Marcelo made the following statement: Hi Guys! I thank the whole ones for the help. I don't have right date, more shortly Site Marcfighters will return, with old and new skins. Marcelo - Marcfighters The link to this thread is: Where did Marcfighter skins go? --------- Sweeps
  10. 1918-2003 85 Years After Ww1

    Dutchy, I've been to Ieper/Ypres two times and it was definetely a place for reflection and thougt - visiting cemetaries and seeing headstones inscribed with "Six soldiers of the great war"! I trust you went to the Menin Gate at 8p.m. to see the daily ceremony and hear the Last Post. If you haven't read it already, I would like to recommend the book "They Called It Passchendaele" by Lyn Macdonald! It is based upon first hand accounts of WW1 soldiers and deals with the 3rd battle of Ypres - known as Passchendaele. BTW, the title of this book is taken from a line from Siegfied Sasoon's poem "Memorial Tablet" - I died in hell- (They called it Passchendaele) Sweeps -------------------- Forgot the important details for the book! Penguin Books; ISBN: 0140165096
  11. Strike Fighters (aka SFP1) (After all it's posted under Project-1 Modding/Skinning Chat )
  12. Local brew post

    Leffe Brune! Mmmmm!! :thumbup: OK - it's Belgian (of course!)
  13. Thunderbirds, Snowbirds and RedArrows buzzing my Condo

    I guess some of your neighbours aren't too happy with the roar of jet engines (the sound of freedom) - but I would have loved being there! The list of aircraft was impressive. Enjoy the airshow!!
  14. SU-17 ?

    Armourdave wrote: I'm sooo lucky! 8) :D :D :D

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