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  1. 15 hours ago, Crusader said:

    He wont change the weapons data, he will shoot with different airspeed/distance/aspect/altitude difference.

    Thats how I read it.


    Thank you for the explication :good:


    15 hours ago, Crusader said:


    I had two AIM-7E failing (exploding shortly after launch) today during a forward quarter (about 120L aspect) IL-28 intercept at ~5000 ft alt.


    Oh... those Il-28 can be pain to intercept...

  2. 21 hours ago, MigBuster said:


    Today we are taking a trip back to 2004, a time when as you can see from the photo above featured PC CDROMs!

    Before Internet speeds for most were high enough to consider sending entire game files they had to distribute games to people using good old fashioned Compact Disks. The shiny CD came complete with its own (Jewel) case with cover and even a printed manual.


    I still have mine laying in my shelf! :biggrin:
    Though I really should consider to finally get rid of them... :wink:

  3. I'm pretty sure it won't work :boredom:
    Unfortunately the lower LODs have to share exactly the same Node Names, or else they won't show up...

    as some folks have mentioned the lack of 'distance lods', I came up with this idea (below). Now, I haven't had a chance to test this, as I'm busy trying to get the next set of Beaufighters done and out...but, here goes...


    as the Tu-16 is pretty much part of all base SF2 installs (excpeting stock SF2V, but IS availalbe due the merging of cats), one can give this a try




  4. I fully agree. While fiddling with various FM, I was always thinking how usefull such a tool would be! :good:

    On the one hand it would also be a great tool for our flight model people who could use it to easily compare the simulated aircraft data with the real data in the manuals and on the other it would be of great help for the people in the DACT thread in analyzing the aircraft they are pitting against each other.




  5. I am not sure you understand the problem entirely. There appears to be PLENTY of interest in SF downloads but folks don't necessarily see the need for a CA membership.


    I'd rather say, you did not understand my point :smile:

    To run successful CA you don't need a million kids trying to download their games for free... you need some adult costumers willing to spend some money for their beloved game.

    But since TW isn't selling anything new for ages, this kind of customers is vanishing, as they are now buying something else :dunno:

    That's all I wanted to say.



  6. Last month CombatAce was in the negative. We are that way this month too. Our membership has faded but we've got just the opposite happening in downloads. More users than ever are downloading and fewer subscriptions. It's getting to the point where we are not sure what to do. Start subscriptions to download at all? Or have the bandwidth only open at certain times? I have asked before and we have always managed to get enough to sustain us for a long time. But now this is different as I explained above. We just cannot sustain at the rate we are going.

    I don't want to be pessimistic, but let's face it:

    this discussion is going on since three days and barely 20 people really paid attention and attended the discussion. This is the status of interest in CA... sorry to say (and to see!!!) that. :mellow:

    This business is changing, TW is changing... and I really would hate to see you and Erik to get into debt for something it will never be what it once was...


    I hope nobody feels offended by my statement...




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