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  1. FYI don't hold your breath

    Thanks, but I never had luck contacting them, and the entire process seems a bit much to repeat. Maybe if their D.III had an excellent cockpit, I would be motivated but I haven't been able to find screenshots. Sadly no one else ever seems to have taken up the work to release a "free" Pfalz, so I was waiting for TW to provide a high quality easily accessible one.
  2. FYI don't hold your breath

    Shame really, I still need a Pfalz D.III to flesh out my install and that would have been in the official expansion. Maybe a Pup to go with the early Albatros... I have RoF, but truth be told I'm getting tired of seeing them release "odd planes" which they want to sell (HP400, Gotha IV), while standard aircraft are still far away and not developed yet (RE8...). RoF is so far from a historical representation of actual WW1 air combat it isn't even funny. Yes, the AC fly well, the map is nice and detailed, but the mission generator and included aircraft are really unhistoric.
  3. Thanks all. The mission editor is way over my head, romflyer your suggestion is more along the lines of what I can handle. Ideally I was hoping someone had done something similar to that WOE edit for NF4+ (to have a later year campaign with correct adversaries).
  4. Hi all Having been bitten by the Naval Aviation bug again, I'm looking for a good representation of a Super Hornet (C-Model is okay too) and some Carriers to land on. I'm not sure if NF4+ includes such? But then that total package always was a bit large for my poor small 120GB SSD anyway. Are there separate downloads for a Hornet with high quality cockpit, and some SF2E compatible terrain with carriers? Did someone ever put some carriers in the North Sea on the default SF2E map? thanks for your help gents Helmut
  5. I'd have already patched, if it wouldn't require to re-edit my campaign files... (fixed errors with the German Richthofen & Mölders Squadron, put the Harriers on the Highway Strips...) I wonder if it now works every time? Or still a random chance for "no assets available"?
  6. Maybe a real reason to finally patch up.
  7. Mirage Factory F-14A and F-14B Tomcat

    I'd love to see that!
  8. Thanks, at least i know its not mr doing something wrong.
  9. Thanks. Interesting enough, this was the slowest approach i ever flew for CAS. Maybe i really didnt see them...
  10. Oh, I missed the May release. Thanks! I'll be on holidays for the next four days, so if you hear not back from me, it's not because I smashed my computer in frustration. I have all the files stored away awaiting a retry with the new patches then...
  11. Wrench, my experience in the stock 1979 campaign is that CAS armor has AAA or SAM attached. They are not there for other target protection but always in the rear of an armor column. If someone saves and interprets a CAS mission file it would certainly tell smething. My main interest is if its time- or distance-based.
  12. Hi all. Has anyone ever had the time to figure out how tank battles are spawned in the game when flying CAS? I have the impression the two opposing tank groups only appear when player flight closes in. Seemed to me yesterday that the enemy mobile AAA appeared right below me. What trigger or distance make them appear? Thanks for any pointers Helmut

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