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  1. Buildings&Trees_for_korea

  2. I figured it out... It involved Changing the map folder in User files and also in the text document to "Desert"
  3. Hello All, I have recently got back into playing Strike Fighters 2. As the first part of my experience, I want to play and Complete all of the stock campaigns. The first campaign is in the Desert Map. I have downloaded and successfully installed desert 1.3 (A Revamped version of the stock map) However, In game it appears as a different map. I wondered if it was possible to replace the stock game map with this one, so I can play all of the standard desert campaigns with this map. Thanks, Jack
  4. Hmmm.... I can get to: user/savedgames/thirdwire/strikefighters2/ but there are no terrain folders inside. Very strange! Maybe I should create them, if so what should I call them? Ah thank you!!! What do I name the folders inside that? For instance is GermanyCE acceptable?
  5. Hello All! I am not sure if this is is the right place to ask this, so apologies for that. I have downloaded and am trying to mod quite a few of my stock terrains for a more immersive campaign experience. I have Strike Fighters 2, installed in the correct order all the way up to expansion 1, 2 and North Atlantic. All the terrain downloads give me instructions to place in the existing folders, and overwrite. However when I go into Program Files/ Thirdwire/ Strike Fighters 2/ Terrains All terrains are there, however they are not folders, they are "Security Catalogs and I can't open them! Can someone help me please! Have I done anything wrong? Everything is as it should be! Thanks Alot for any Replies! Jack :)
  6. A-1E over South Vietnam

    FANTASTIC! May I ask which scenery?
  7. Nope. Not working still. I think I am going to have to call it a day. Thanks for all your help guys! I will try again in a few months when I get my new Alpine Computer. See you then, Jack
  8. That's the one that I have, after clicking the link on how to make an install on that page, could the fact that I have WoV and not WoE be the problem?
  9. I have attached the "EuroWW2_Data.ini" I cannot see an airfield tile, would you mind taking a look? EuroWW2_data.txt
  10. Ok thanks, I'm kind of a newbie at this on SFP1, so how do I check up on these things. By the way, I am trying to fix the problem on Euro WW2 map.
  11. Hi All, Someone told me how to solve this problem before, but I forgot how I did it. I am running SFP1 on Windows 7 due to the fact that there is more mods, and performance is still perfect,so that is not an issue. However when I install a modded map (Korea, Euro WWII) and fly, everything is perfect, except the airfields. There are objects the ground layer (Taxiways, Runways) is not there, and you can see the default scenery tiles instead. From what I remember I need to add, or remove some text from a config file. Help would be appreciated, Regards, Jack
  12. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit WoE Latest Patch
  13. Hey all.. I know there are some great maps and Campaigns for the strike fighters series involving the Vietnam Conflict.. however would I be able to get a fully functioning Vietnam install on WoE or do I have to buy WoV? Thanks. Jack

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