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  1. I think it may have been the overclocked video card memory clock all along. With just the core and shader clocks overclocked, it seems fine. For whatever reason, all my other games ( including IL2 ) get kicks and giggles from my overclocking all three clocks but OFF seems to screw the pooch when I increase the memory clock!! Figures I'd have to have one angry dissenter. So I guess I'll have to fiddle with my overclock all the time just for this game. I flew OFF an hour from the ground to up to 9,000 feet and never saw the weird junk with my memory clock back down to default speed. I only had it about 70Mhz higher too.
  2. I overclocked all three clocks on my 285GTX, I'll see what happens when I go back down to stock speeds. Perhaps it didn't like my new memory clock speed. All my other games love both my processor overclock and my video card overclock. Maybe this one is touchy?? I'll be back............
  3. Doing some more experiments. But I think the temp is OK. My older Nvidia 8800GT regularly got up to 75C and I played this game with it for a while with no problems.
  4. I can see why you'd think heat issue but it's not. I have an overclocking utility for my video card that also allows you to turn up the fan speed really high. I can crank it up to over twice as high as the default speed and HWmonitor reports that after playing this or other graphically intensive game that my temp never goes higher than 55C. And that ain't high for a video card, especially a 285GTX. Before I ran this utility, my temps would get up to 75C and that ain't even considered all that hot for a GPU. So temperature as a problem should be dismissed.
  5. I just snapped that after an hour of letting the plane mill around by itself after I trimmed it. I thought my problems were gone but after an hour or so the anomalies were back once again. This is a new PC and I just installed this sim the other day after I installed the latest Nvidia drivers that just came out. As you can see by the screen capture, there are images of what looks like the "radar" screen. The one that comes up in the game if you hit 'ctrl T' command. It's normal for this weird stuff to happen only after flying around for a while. I usually get normal ground scenery at first.
  6. Here's what some of the screw ups look like, they differ.
  7. On what disk?? And if you'll read again, you'll see I already have my sliders on 4. Never said I had them on 5.
  8. When I play this game the textures of the terrain look normal at first but then later I can get extremely weird looking texture tiles on the ground as seen by me in my plane up at mid to high altitudes. I get things that look like letters and numbers. Sometimes just white tiles with a silouette of the plane type I'm flying! Sometimes also rainbow color stripes and lakes and rivers with wierd colors. Then the next mission I see what looks like clocks without hands!! I see the numbers 1 thru 12 in a clock circle. I'm not kidding, this is strange stuff! Like being on a LSD trip or something. I have a i7 965 processor and a EVGA Nvidia 285GTX vid card. I installed the very latest graphic drivers from Nvidia website only two days ago. I have all my BH&H sliders set to 4 and my AA set to 8 samples. I can give you a run down on my Nvidia Control Panel settings if needed later on. I also will be able to post a screenshot of the strange anomalies if needed too. Maybe someone will give me a clue here before I need to go further though because maybe it's been seen before.

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