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  1. Food for Thought; A Flight Sim for the Ages

    I've been here since '05, before that at SimHQ. My first post here was asking about a Buccaneer mod, IIRC - I was interested as I owned a Bucc cockpit and wanted to simfly one. Now I've got 2 (!) and quite a few other cockpits including my latest, a very rare UK Phantom. Also 3 kids etc...
  2. Picked up the Huey and P-51 in the sale. Turns out I CAN fly a helicopter!!! Years of MSFS helis and Harriers in SF...
  3. Chuck Yeager Gets Sued

    Court-martialed colonel = Jack Broughton. Though it was a pilot in his Thud wing at Takhli that strafed the ship not him, he just helped destroy the gun camera footage.
  4. New toy - P-51 sim cockpit

    Yeah, that could be a problem. The instruments are an LCD display, which does look quite realistic and means less chance of mechanical failures. But how it works with another sim, I don't know. With no documentation it'll be a bit of a job to convert it I assume. For the moment I'm just enjoying the immersion, which is fun. But lack of things to kill is the reason I gave up MSFS in the first place!
  5. New toy - P-51 sim cockpit

    Check this out guys - I've always wanted a sim cockpit and picked up a second hand one relatively cheaply. It's a P-51 from a Swiss firm called Simaviatik, which I believe isn't trading any more or at least has no web presence. Here's a photo of the actual cockpit and setup. It runs MFS with I believe the A2A Mustang add-on. I'm getting used to prop flying, RPM/throttle settings etc. I'm not sure what else it could run, theoretically Il-2 but I don't have it. No documentation with the sim, so I'd have to work out the connections on my own... Here's a link to a SimHQ article and a youtube video.
  6. An important heads up for my CA friends.

    Positive attitude and try not to worry too much. Best of luck.

    I hear you. Better than being French (joke!).

    Seeing as, in the UK, we don't "do" Thanksgiving, I am somewhat disturbed that (a) Black Friday has arrived on our shores, and (b) my son brought home a booklet about turkeys, pilgrims and indians from school. Am I just an old curmudgeon? Should I embrace change? I'm still annoyed that Halloween has overtaken Bonfire Night in popularity...
  9. Here. The usual apologies if posted before.
  10. Like my new toy?

    Ah, the 303. I used then extensively at school in the cadet force, we had the WW2 ones until the mid-80s, years after they had been superceded by the SLR in the army. Then moved straight on to the cadet version of the plastic SA-80. I did get to fire the SLR at the Lympstone CTC though...
  11. Lou Reed Dead at Age 71

    My first rock concert, age 16, was seeing Lou Reed on the New York tour. Saw him a few times since then, including the Velvets reunion. <salute> Mr Reed.
  12. After The Fall

    This programme has been really interesting, e.g. the obvious antagonism between Cheney and Powell. And it occurred to me that there must be loads of good potential for film scripts better than Green Zone etc. from this material.
  13. British soldier attacked & butchered.

    I hear you. Can't the enemy within bugger off to Afghan and be the enemy without?
  14. The "Iron Lady" is gone...

    I'm in the non-haters category. The economy needed shock treatment, does anyone remember the winter of discontent, unions running government policy, terrible state-owned industry making products no-one would buy etc.? It wasn't exactly Utopia UK before Maggie. Of course it's easy to say when you're from the south-east not the north, and my wife remembers many or most of her friends' parents being unemployed in North Wales in the '80s. So I understand the anger. But, most of her economic policies are mainstream today in the Labour party, so her legacy endures. I don't see people queuing up to re-create British Leyland today.
  15. Happy Birthday Captain W.E. Johns!

    I read Biggles as a boy and read it now to my boys.

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