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  1. CV-22

    When did CV22's change from the light grey to this camo???
  2. Ive tried looking for this F105 skin, Memphis Belle(n), but i have not seen it. Has anyone done a version of this? I know most have gone onto SF2, but I like it for the heritage from WW2 B17 Memphis Belle. Plus it has 2 migs. Anyone?
  3. I have a strong computer computer, AMD quad core, 3.2 ghz 8 gig ram, 1 gig ati 6550 graphics. the gold expansion looks goregous, feels like Im there. Anyway, is there anyway to reduce the amount of air activity during a campaign? reducing the number would seem to help my frame rate get out of the single digits at times. Ive tried the lower res terrain and flak in the add on pack, but doesnt help much. I realize the ATI card isnt optimal, but any suggestions if reducing the air activity or something... btw, i do have mirrors off and other graphics combos. Going downtown missions i can play fine,with little fps hit. I see 30-60fps, depending on what im looking at out the canopy.
  4. FSX Air Racing

    Is PROPS racing still active? I have FSX gold and would like to do some racing.
  5. I noticed that cannot access the west coast atc or props forums? Im looking for where to race in FS X at reno air races.
  6. I just D/L these late and early packs for my KAW install. The A-5 leading edge slats dont retract, they are always shown at out. Any way to fix this? SPf1 patched to oct 08b Awesome work.
  7. Is it me, or has something changed since Wings over vietnam / spf1 came out with the AIM 9 not sidewinding like in RL? Or am i just remembering something differently? I could swear i saw them doing this early on when i first got it. I dont see it at all. They either dont track, or when they do, its a fairly smooth curve to target... anyone?
  8. Actually, any Aim 9 as far as i remember from WOV which was my first in the series then i got spf1. Yep, they seem to sparrow or falcon instead...lol. Im just wondering if it was true, or did i imagine it? I did another couple sorties with 9b's and they just didnt do any 'windin... course, i couldnt get them to hit either, but i know i may have been slightly out of parameters at the Mig 17s..
  9. Not sure what happened to my smoke trails for AIM 7 series. Since i usually only have 7F or M in screen, I dont see smoke trails. All others seem fine, even Russian missiles are fine. What can i check to get the smoke trail back? Patched to latest 2008 patch, mostly stock. Not sure if i had added a weapons pack or not, been couple years on this install. Any suggestions? Oh, strike fighters, WOV WOI are all fine, and they are added weapons packs i believe..
  10. I know its a bit dated, but is/has anyone done the 100 missions from Bunyaps page? My link I could not pull up any results if anyone had. I finally got around to doing a campaign in F-4c in 1966 in WOV. I kinda like it. Im patched to latest patch for WOV.
  11. BVR tactics

    I downloaded for SFP1 2006 patch, the F15A, C and E, F14A/D along with Mig29A-G from combatace. I noticed that I cannot lock onto the enemy jets for either, but they lock on and fire before visual range comes in. Im trying to make sense of the displays, but I still cannot lock on with AIM 120's or russian equivalent. What is the tactics everyone uses in these instances? what symbology am i looking for and what radar settings? The F15A seems to have the better avionics than C or E for some reason? I tried to find some posts regarding this, but nothing that i found. I understand the limitations of the Wings series around 60-70's jets, but I should still be able to pick up and fire the long range AIM 120 and similar shouldnt I? Ron
  12. The RAF 209 site brought back memories of the early years with gweet, droopsy, jeff bell, mater, etc. I like the embellishment of the early years in the story.. very cool... Mechanic now resides in Georgia. I talked to him before i left florida in February.
  13. They were boys...

    Well, I finally saw the movie on the internet site. One, looking at it from a movie standpoint, i give it a 3 of 5 stars. Flight scenes and adding in those famous qoutes and such from WW1 aviators was cool. From a historic view, well, I wont even go there. I enjoyed it for what it was, but Flyboys was better in that they used fake names, but copied thier real life stories. I will still own a copy when available...
  14. ... an aces paint shop of sorts? In RB, as an ace/squadron leader I can choose my own paint scheme from a list or import/export and create my own colors? Im still on the fence, I want OFF3, but would it completely replace my RB3D (FCJ) with everything and more? Ronbo (JG1Ronbo, J1Ronbo)
  15. RB3D or OFF3

    Well, I have OFF 3 installed onto my 2nd harddrive for transfer later. Took about an hour or more, but its there. I checked it out before applying patch 1.28a since its the only one available. I saw a few changes in workshop. Unfortunately, I will not be able to fully comment until i get an updated, powerful machine. I can see the menus, and with detail level at 1 across the board, I just dont have sound insim. The terrain is shades of Rb1 with nice detailed aircraft. I just dont have a sense of motion because of the lack of detail. I tested Alb D2 and Fokker Dr1 and i need to get used to and remap keys so i know whats what. I like the Dr1, very rudder sensitive with slow ailerons, much like the descriptions of the Leamans book on the Dr1 from replica pilots. So far, I really like the detail level available in the various menus for historical. the menu screens are very nice, music is nice. I looked at the flight school manual. If this had been available to members of the delphi community, alot of bickering could have been avoided regarding how aircraft fly. Looks very well put together, tho i have not read it. I did not see a bibliography for the sources used, but a minor point since this isnt a term paper. ;o] I will create a new thread in the future once i get my new machine and do a comparision, given time, of FE, RB3D and OFF.
  16. They were boys...

    Really? I was under the impression at the aerodrome that it was all in German, hence someone saying no english version? Hmm, may have to pick it up from, what, a european amazon dealer?
  17. RB3D or OFF3

    OvS As i mentioned earlier, I feel better as I know the OFF team has the skills and the information available to do it right. Most sims dont, and we are left with whats out there and most require mods to get it right. My copy is supposed to be on the way, so i cant wait to check it out. I know Kess may have taken liberties with the info he had available, (got into an arguement with a gent on delphi about correct Dr1 Jastas..) but i still think FCJ is an awesome product. And thats not because Kess was a good friend and squadmate of mine, but i thought he and the team brought RB3 up a level the way it should be. i look forward to becoming apart of the OFF community. I just wish i had the time to keep track of the progress of OFF. but keeping aircraft flying and my family in real life has taken alot of it the past few years.... I may have more technical questions in the future, but i will reserve those to PM's to you, if you dont mind.
  18. They were boys...

    I too, intend on adding it to my collection as well. I just would like to know when I can get one and if they will be in english subtitles. Need to brush up on my german, so hearing them speak with subtitles dont bother me. much like das boot. Only a handful of movies make it into the documentary and even they take liberties some times. Regarding RR powered '109s in the BoB, not much they could do since, what, there may have only been one flyable at that time with a DB engine? It still gets the movie done and done well. fwiw,
  19. RB3D or OFF3

    S! Prop, I just ordered OFF3 on the site. Will see what it does. Thanks for the review. Thats the kind of info i need. I will probably keep RB on the drive, but will see.... What makes me feel better about OFF3 is the team of ww1 aficianados that are on it. Much better than most companies as they know what we want in realism, within design limits... much like the Dynamix of old...
  20. I prefer Kempf's famous saying, kenncht (sp?) mir noch? and Du Doch Nicht! from Udet.
  21. Ronbo, only 1 B in it... I figured you guys might like it.
  22. Awesome pics! whats your system? vista or xp? and you do know that 'Cry wolf' should be auf deutch? Ja?
  23. RB3D or OFF3

    I believe I will do a comparision, given time, for those that are like me. If I can choose, in game? , an aces scheme then that works for me. And if its easier to paint, then cool. What about the rest of the sim? RB3d brought to 'modern' look plus some features? I guess thats what Im really asking. Not sure what RoF will bring, depends on how much they want for add on planes.

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