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  1. AI pilot query

    Hi Jerhear, Great info there, it doesn't relate in anyway to what i asked but still very good to know!
  2. Do we need to wait for the AI pilots to land before ending the mission for the game to log they're stats? When i'm first back to base to land and end the mission the debrief screen says only i landed safely as the others are still flying so was just wondering if it affects anything by ending the mission before everyone is down. Also are the number of missions the AI pilots have flown tracked anywhere?
  3. Virtual cockpit issue

    I also forgot to install to the latest update so that may have been part of the issue as well.
  4. Virtual cockpit issue

    Yeah i just unbinded all the all the joystick buttons and remapped the fire function to my main joystick trigger. Sorry if i came across as a bit peeved off but i was. i had just spent almost an hour flying and was right behind an enemy fighter when it happened so there were a few rude words shouted lol
  5. Hello, I'm unable to exit virtual cockpit view, I've tried the default keys to no avail. I had just started squeezing the trigger behind a fighter when it annoyingly entered that mode which i don't really get either. I haven't changed any default mapping so why would squeezing the joystick fire button cause that to happen? I'm using a hotas thrustmaster warthog joystick.
  6. after reading the pdf on setting the FOV i was left wondering, isnt that what the ingame zoom keys are for? or is there a bit more to it?
  7. thanks for the tip bout the rudder brakes, ive now done that. bout the software, so you reckon the 200 odd mb download is for a saitek joystick? if it is then the website is screwed cos it lists both download under rudder pedals. think il give it a miss though, the rudder pedals seem to be workin fine so im happy enough.
  8. hi, ive just received my rudder pedals and am eager to try them out with OFF. i went to the saitek website to see what software i needed and found 2 downloads. one was the latest drivers but there was another quite sizeable software download (224mb) as well. i installed the drivers and the rudder pedals seem to work well enough so im just wonderin what the software is for, does anyone else have it installed?
  9. Amigas "Wings" Diary

    i remember when this was released on the old amiga very well. i also remember that in order to run it u had to buy a half meg upgrade which i think i payed around 50 pounds for its funny lookin back at those days.
  10. That "other WW1 flight sim"

    ah wings, one of my all time fav games on the old amiga. i also jumped in and bought ROF due to its very low price. first impressions are that its very good at what it does although im currently havin some performance/crash issues that im tryin to iron out. to be be fair though, i had the same probs with OFF initially. the campaign engine currenltly cant touch OFF but if any wings players here cast their minds back to that classic, it to didnt have a dynamic campaign it was very much a tightly scripted affair but still excellent. the career mode in ROF certainly isnt scripted from what ive seen in that the missions it throws up appear to be different everytime. the word over on their forums suggest that more work will be done with it which is good. if ROF is supported with more updates and hopefully a much more immersive campaign mode then i predict that it might just surpass OFF within the next 12 months. that a BIG if though.
  11. phase 4 and beyond?

    you can never have to much of a good thing my friend. as great as OFF is, ive read so many posts from people who say they wont touch it cos its basically a heavilly modded CFS3.
  12. hi, ive seen phase mentioned a few time and am wondering what content this is gonna contain. i assume its gonna be more than an expansion but i have to ask to how much further the CFS3 game engine can be pushed within its limitations? i also remember the devs sayin that if all went well with sales etc they would consider building their own sim from scratch. can we assume that this isnt gonna happen due to nothin more having been said about it? just curious thats all.
  13. anti aircraft fire

    think il just persevere with normal mode as i hate using easy settings when i game and normal mode seems to be what real men use round here!
  14. Does Surround Sound help in OFF?

    you really need to look into gettin track IR, it adds so much to the immersion + your situational awareness goes way up as well. freetrack is a cheaper alternative although gettin it set up is way more hassle. i also have surround sound although with flight sims it really doesnt add anything, the main sound you gonna hear is your own engine after all.
  15. anti aircraft fire

    im totally aware that ww1 panes didnt have or use autopilots dude . i just find it a lot less mundane than manually keepin level flight for the entire mission while i scour the skies for enemies, obviously from now on i wont be usin it over or near the frontline. i was also ware that anit aircraft fire didnt become accurate until well into ww2 due to a lack of proximity fuses. so how did ww1 anti aircraft batteries manage to fire at specific altitudes?

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