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  1. F/A-18A, A+ and C by The Mirage Factory for SF2

    Thanks for the continued updates. Just updated my f-18c from 2009 to the Apr 2011 ver. Huge differance. Love the radio chatter sounds also.
  2. Post Vietnam USAF F-4 Phantom INI, Skins and Decal mod

    Nice Job. Installed tonight works great. Been looking for grey scheme for my F4Es Thanks..... Also thank you for your service to our country...
  3. UH-1B Gunship Upgrade Pack

    Outstanding!!! More Helos Please..... AH64? RAH66? AH1? Great job... Thanks.
  4. I've been trying to base my F-18C on CVN68 for the NF4+ Carrier campaign. I looked up in the Knowlege base how to add aircraft for campaigns but that was more about replacing an aircraft with a differnt one. I wanted to add more Navy aircraft to the carrier on the NF4+ Carrier mission and not replace my f-14 in the campaign files every time I wanted to do a campaign in a differnt navy jet I have. I copied and paste the F-14A player unit to create another player unit in the campaign4 data file. I then updated this pasted player unit with the f-18C file name info and sqd info. I then added the unit info in the campaign file with the f-18c sqd info. I then deleted my old saved campign files. My f-18c shows up as a selectable aircraft as part of the US Navy at the campaign start up screen with the correct sqd info but after hitting the accept button the f-18c ends up being based at Spangdahlem AB instead of the Nimitz. I don't understand why it doesn't end up being based on the carrier. Is there anything I need to do to get it to start off on the carrier? Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thx. I attached the player unit info below to see if anyone notices that I missed something. //----- Player Unit [AirUnit075.1] AircraftType=FA-18C Squadron=VFA-25 ForceID=1 Nation=USN DefaultTexture=VFA25 StartNumber=0 BaseArea=CVN-68 CarrierBased=TRUE CarrierNumber=68 BaseMoveChance=0 RandomChance=100 MaxAircraft=16 StartAircraft=16 MaxPilots=16 StartPilots=16 Experience=100 Morale=100 Supply=50 MissionChance[sWEEP]=60 MissionChance[CAP]=70 MissionChance[iNTERCEPT]=60 MissionChance[ESCORT]=70 MissionChance=80 MissionChance[CAS]=80 MissionChance[sEAD]=60 MissionChance[ARMED_RECON]=40 MissionChance[ANTI_SHIP]=40 MissionChance[RECON]=40 UpgradeType=NEVER
  5. Thanks for the update to the campaign. Been wanting to fly off carriers some place other than Vietnam. Would it be possible to do up a carrier mod for SF2I?

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