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  1. Hehe then: "welcome back home my friend" but, actually we do have the classical "ostfrieslandwetter". grey with a mix of dark grey and rain. just a little bit wind.
  2. Hey Lads. Will ask my Grandma´ this weekend if she can read it. I guess(hope) she will. She was a "Blitzmädel" in WW2, working for the Luftwaffe in the communication branch. Befor this she was at the Handelsschule. As far as i know in a "Fernmeldestelle/Vermittlung" in the Berlin area. But i remember my grand-grand dad was also writing this kind of letters to his family. He was with the Cavalry and later in ww2 in the customs in the tschechey and later in southern France where he got a pow (he was in a prison camp in the states). I think the chances are good, that she can read it ;-) Cheers.
  3. Thats what i call "turn on just a coin". Thanks for the Video. Cheers & gute Jagdt!
  4. Nice Photos! Thanks for that elephant!
  5. Thanks guys, thats what i was looking for! From your infos ill try to take some deeper look into it. By the way, today its good flying weather here, all blue sky! See you in the skys or even better in the mess this evening
  6. Good "evening" Gentleman, here in Germany its nighttime 21:46, so no time to fly, but to patch and repair these damn bulletholes ive got today while flying for Jasta 2 over Albert. I do have a question, im looking for infos about how this have been done in ww1. How it looked like. What materials have been used etc. Ive read and looked around a bit, found some "basics", but nothing special about it. For example ive read in another forum that sometimes small iron crosses, or cocades would have been painted over the bulletholes. Dont really know mutch about it. It would be nice if anybody could help me with some facts and infos about this subject. Thanks! Cash by the way, drinks in the mess are on me tonight!
  7. "The only way I use the term "dark side" is like "disco boys vs metal fans", you know, the "dark side"!!" Sure , guess the people around here are made out of the same wood (for me being a newbie arround here, its good to see that there are some other "flyboys" around )
  8. "It's only offensive when used to be offensive... other than that, I like that we have fun with it. You're all good guys and should goof on each other. It's better that way. It adds to our immersion and love of history... especially in this era." Thats the point (Wels, no prob. for me, but hey... for me theres a big point in between the preussian time (for me "ending" 1918) and the "bad years". Sure the bad guys out of the bad years took their place in the "preussian" time and so on, but... for me its a different story , that bad years where after 1918, not befor. thats the point. But i guess we´ll get into another thema if we go on with that hehe, so lets join the Jasta 13 officers mess for a good cup of cognac! )
  9. Hey folks! For myself, i dont have any real problem with the term "hun", all nations had their nick-names on the field so... why not huns? But i want to pick up a word from Olham. I don´t really like the term "the dark side". For me, in ww1 there wasn´t any good, or dark side, all soldiers of all the nations have done their job in a good believe. For King and Country and so on ... I think we can´t judge it with the actuall "point of view", in other words, with the eyes of today, it was another time, the people weren´t out of the same wood like today, or maybe better, the people today are not out of the same wood the people where then. (guess you get the point) For me, nicknames of the "enemy" are quiet normal, and to be called a hun? hey never mind, wheres the tommy who said that? But, for me, i actualy dont like the term "dark side" or evil guys etc etc etc. I guess this would bring a wrong light on the german side. Today i talked to one of my patients, about this thema (imperial german bzw. Preussian´s itself). I can´t understand why today people put this aspekt of our history in such a bad light! Hey, we dont talk about our real bad years! -> but i guess this could have an impact on the whole thing ... (also if this would be wrong but people are like this...) just my two cents
  10. Huzzah!

    Hey Stiffy! Good hunting out there! And if you won´t join the German side, watch out for the Jasta 13´s guys ;-) Have fun and welcome to the Gentlemans Club!
  11. Hey Stiffy! Don´t worry! It was the same for me when i orderd OFF. It nealry took two weeks for me here in Germany to get it. But it is worth every bloody waiting minute! Don´t worry and stay tough! ;-)
  12. Great Stuff! Keep it coming! Thank´s for sharing!
  13. I used "Avira" = positiv report. Like you´ve said, i guess its an "Avira fals/positiv thing". Best regards! Cash
  14. Well, i got the same "Warning" with AV. But only after patching OFF yesterday. Guess & hope nothing serious?

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