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  1. Thanks everyone. I am going out of town for a few weeks and I will decide if I am to wait, or go ahead and give it a shot. My real concern was that I don't want to upset the good Phase II that I am running now and I read that I may need to first uninstall that one. I really do not want to do that just in case upon a needed reinstall it does not opearate the same.
  2. In a blinding snow storm with three to four enemies the FPS average 25 close to the ground and 29 - 32 at my starting altitude of just a few thousand feet. Landing at a base after the fight averages 23. A fight directly over a friendly base at low altitude drops it down to 17, but even there the action is not jittery at all. A clearer summer sky raises everything up an average of 3 -5 FPS depending on the location and action.
  3. It runs extremely smooth. How can I check the FPS?
  4. Yes, my sliders are on 4 for Terrain and Scenery Detail. They are set to 5 on the other three. The global settings for my 6800GT are: 4x Anisotropic filtering 2x AA Under the Adjustment for Image Quality tab I have it set for Balanced between Performance and Quality. Drivers: 190.62
  5. I was planning to wait a while on getting a new computer. Actually, it is one of the last things I need right now. Since I will be holding on to this one for a while longer, what do you suggest would be my best path to improvement?
  6. This is pretty much what I was expecting. I will need a very good system to run Rise of Flight to its best, but I was hoping to get by with what I currently have to attempt phase III. I think it would be marginal for me to do that though. I can be happy with Phase II for now.
  7. Well, my system is above what is considered a Low End system in all but memory, but not by much. Windows XP AMD 3400+ 2.45 GHz 1.00 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 6800GT - newest drivers Plenty of HD space Since it runs Phase II so flawlessly with very high and smooth frame rates, I was wondering how much more demanding is Phase III? I don't remember what the original recomendations to run Phase II were. If Phase III is anywhere as demanding as Rise of Flight, then I know for certain that my current machine is not nearly ready enough.
  8. I don't have a very high end machine by todays standards any longer, but I am able to run Phase II at the max slider settings for all but for Terrain and Scenery Detail which are on 4. Do you think I would have a shot at this Phase III, or would it be best for me to wait until I get a more up to date computer? I don't want to attempt an install and not be happy, then mess up an absolutely perfect running Phase II.

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