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  1. Something to counter all the pretty Mirages My slightly damaged Fitter
  2. SF Gold, whether I copy this plane or the B52-D from WOV the Buffs are flying at 0MPH and are invisible except for the external bombs.
  3. Bombing Range Terrain

    I installed this then later on played as Mig-17 F and the scenario started on the ground and the ground aicraft where an IL-28 and a squadron of Firebees in the fighter barriers!<br><br><br>
  4. IS THERE a different editor that would let me autosort all the bombs together, all tanks, all missiles etc? can an INI be exported to Excel and sorted then reimported?
  5. XF8U-3 Super Crusader

    I don't think its ugly it looks like it would whip anything in a fight. Is anyone working on an add on? I was thinking about taking the bottom fin off a mig-23 and putting it on a f8-e but the f8u-3 actually had the two bottom fins
  6. Does it have a working bomb bay?
  7. Holy cow! it can't be!

    Yay for Prop planes! is this less underpowered than the Boeing OV-10?
  8. Weapon Data Editor v02.20.08

    does not run on oct 08 patched wov
  9. Great plane thanks, but the damage skin doesn't work the plane turns white when hit.
  10. Thanks for the Beautiful plane. But what good is it in WOV, the only effective weapon was the Aim26A Nuke the pod rockets cannot hit a mig17 neither can the AIM4A B or C Falcons no wonder the spent Nam sitting on the deck at Ton Son Nhut and Da Nang. Where they there to deter Chinese bombers or what?? The 106 with the sharpshooter pack is a good plane but never actually went to Nam. looks like wikipedia explains my question Initially, F-102 detachments began to be sent to bases in SoutheastAsia in 1962, when radar contacts that were detected by ground radarswere thought to possibly be North Vietnamese Il-28 "Beagle"bombers, which was considered a very credible threat during that timeperiod. F-102s were sent to Thailand and other nearby countries tointercept these aircraft if they threatened South Vietnam at any time. Jungle camouflage F-102As of the 509th FIS over Vietnam, November 1966.Later on, B-52strikes, codenamed ARC LIGHT, were escorted by F-102s based in thetheater. It was during one of these missions that an F-102 was shotdown by a North Vietnamese MiG-21 using an AA-2 Atoll heat-seeking missile.The MiGs approached undetected, and one of the F-102s was hit by an airto air missile, which did not explode immediately, but remained in theaft end of the aircraft causing stability problems. As the pilotreported his mechanical problem to his wingman, the wingman observedthe damaged Delta Dagger explode in mid-air, killing the pilot.[13]The other F-102 pilot managed to shoot off some AIM-4s at the fleeingMiG-21s, but no hits were recorded. This was the only air-to-air lossfor the F-102 during the Vietnam War. The F-102 was tried with limited success for several years in theair-to-ground role, although neither the aircraft nor training weredesigned for the role.[14]The interceptor was equipped with 24 2.75 in (70 mm) FFARs in thefuselage bay doors. These could be used to good effect against varioustypes of North Vietnamese targets in daylight. At night it was lessdangerous to use heat-seeking Falcon missiles in conjunction with theF-102's nose-mounted IRST (Infrared Search & Track) on night timeharassment raids along the Ho Chi Minh trail. Operations with both the F-102A and TF-102A two-seater (which wasused in a Forward Air Control role because its two seats and2.75 in/70 mm rockets offered good versatility for the mission) inVietnam until 1968 when all F-102 aircraft were sent back to the UnitedStates.
  11. How fast can you guys get this to go? I found it only would do under 500 knots in a dive with full AB
  12. I figured out after 2 days reading this forum that you need a weapons pack before adding any planes the only issue left now is my 106 carries 2 genies on the rear racks with the gun pack, thats impossible. The 6 carries one genie or a sharpshooter pack in lieu of the genie. should I just edit plane data.ini to allow only falcon type missiles on the rear racks. Whats the best you have done with an Aim26A I got 4 frescoes a warehouse and a sampan with one haha.
  13. Love this plane in WOV but I don't have a weapondata.ini or a weapons editor. is there any way to add more than just 2 sidewinders to the 106?

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