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  1. A Tribute to MonroeQ

    Howdy Monroe sir, It has been my honor and privilege to fly and know you over the several years we have been in the same squad, I want to thank you and all of our service men and women who have and are fighting for all of us at home. Heres to several more years of flying together. Jeff "=353=MOSES" Malone
  2. Funny Pic of the Day

    nice ill be up when the air show hits in june will see ya there.
  3. Close Call

    will be praying for his recovery Dave and for all our boys over there. Wish i could be with them.
  4. He just released a new update on IL2 forums Simhq about week and a half ago
  5. I wouldnt mind helping in this either since im playing with it myself and havent a clue at all
  6. Thanks again Dave If i can figure out how to do that then i will with your blessing.
  7. Ok in the readme said it wouldnt work with it so i was just wondering. Thanks again bud.
  8. Hey bud home come you cant use the desert storm terrain with anything but SF? just wondering.
  9. Thanks again Serval i do love your website
  10. Yeah im figuring out you have to run all the player aircraft in numbered sequence 45,46,47 instead of 45,46,94,95 that wont work. Thanks again for your help.
  11. Thanks for answering so quickly I got it to work by deleting a Mig-27 squadron and using that number for the new aircraft. Right now the original campaign only has 92 aircraft I added the 93 using the F/A-18a using unitID 93 i am uploading the cam files JeffCamp1.rar in the files i uploaded left in the extra mig-27 if i use this file it will CTD i put the .bac on the file cause i didnt want to lose the main campaign setup. hope it helps
  12. one last question will it show the edges of the tail and other parts?
  13. yuppers thanks again for the help this is drivin me insane
  14. thanks Dave how much longer are you gonna be aat Tinker? Aggie any help here?

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