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  1. How Do I bind a throttle conrtol?

    I'll give it a try...... was anxious about doing that because I wondered whether it might affect other programs. Guess it couldn't hurt to try. Thanks for the automixture info- hadn't got that far yet,LOL.
  2. How Do I bind a throttle conrtol?

    Well, I tried to follow Uncleal's instructions and no luck. Actually it's WORSE {LOL}. I now have a situation where the throttle randomly starts working and failing, as well as the plane seems to slew to the right upon takeoff in campaign mode. I tried a Quick Combat mission that started at 5,000 feet and the plane immediately stalled, with the throttle randomly responding and failing. A few seconds later the plane whipped into a right-handed spin and crashed. The only thing I could count on was that this continued to happen over the next 5 attempted flights. I reset the controls as Uncleal suggested, even re-calibrated several times-no improvement. I'm sick because This G940 wasn't cheap and I cashed in all my brownie points with the wife to get it. You have no idea of the grief I'm getting about the "Great New System" I had to have so I could enjoy this game! I don't want to believe that NONE of the system components will work. I'll ask again; does anyone think that the support folks for this game can help? I hate to give up on it- I've been waiting on a program like this since the old "RED BARON" game from Dynamix.
  3. How Do I bind a throttle conrtol?

    The Joystick was recognized by the game however when you try to map the throttle movement the game doesn't recognize the movement of the actual throttle itself. Thanks for the suggestion Check Six, though. Anyone else? Would this be something i could get Support from the developer team about?
  4. I just purchased a Logitech G940 Flight System and can't figure out how to get the throttle to work in OFF {BHAH}. I tried to bind it using the in-game utility, but with no success. One of the dial buttons {R1} did actually contol the speed, but the throttle itself won't respond. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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