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  1. Hello everybody. I noticed recently, AI planes that equipped decoy dispensor pods, they were not use chaff/flare. If planes have internal decoy dispensors, they used only internal decoy, and not used decoy dispensor pods. Is it bug ?
  2. Mitsubishi F1 and T2 Remod Pak by Veltro2K

    It's nice? However, I think AicraftData is wrong. I supposed following numbers. ReferenceArea=21.17 ReferenceSpan=7.88 ReferenceChord=4.45 ReferenceLength=17.85
  3. Did you check AttachmentType ? For example, if attachment type of AA-1 AAM is "Soviet" only and attachmenttype of pylons are "WP" only, weapon was not recognized.
  4. I got it and I palyed! I'm worried about long effective range of Phenix AAM. I thought that it may be upset gaming balance. On the other hand, file extractor is not working in this version.
  5. 18 F-2s were damaged by tsunami.

    Police department announced that about 20,000 people were missing. I am well understanding that aircraft loss is minor thing comparing life, of course. Loss of rescue helicopter is tragic event. Japanese LDP goverments build many dams across rivers to be prepared for unrealistic flood like Noah's one, but they did not make a budget to strong seawall though earthquake and tsunami have been expected. I am angry.
  6. 18 F-2s were damaged by tsunami.

    Moreover, some rescue hellicopters also destroyed. Why did not they park in bunker or shelter?
  7. JASDF Matsushima air base was hit by tsunami, and 18 F-2s and other 10 aircrafts were destroyed or damaged.

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