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  1. Increasing OFF Performance

    No edit option on posts ? The .tmp file is mission data etc, if you stop the process from Task Manager CFS3 exits and you go back to OFF Manager screen. Del
  2. Increasing OFF Performance

    Thanks for all the tips, never got round to uninstalling or trying other machine, to busy doing other stuff and flying my Radio Control planes. Will have a good look this weekend though. That .tmp file i mentioned shows up in Task Manager Processes and only starts when CFS3.exe for OFF starts, problem is it does not stop when CFS3 quits. If you start another mission from OFF manager another .tmp is created. I thought it was storing the mission data or something. Del
  3. Increasing OFF Performance

    Saw mention on Kentcols not running thread of using disk 2 of CFS3, as far as I have tried it does not matter, it works with both. Another issue I have apart from slow stuttering is the memory usage even after the CFS3.exe is exited. Is it normal to have to close the ~fd055.tmp file manually using Task Manager to get over 2Gb of memory back. If it is left it just stays there sucking resources, and game is restarted another .tmp file is created and starts increasing memory usage. Will let you know how i get on with complete clear out of CFS3 and OFF followed by a re-install. And will try my old machine which has been unused for a couple of years. Del
  4. Increasing OFF Performance

    Thanks for the tips, settings looked much the same as those on the thread after i had put sliders at 1, disabled sound. Still the same. May try full uninstall of OFF and CFS3, Reinstall CFS3 and see if i can get that running right before even trying OFF. At the moment they are both the same, basically unflyable with the micro pauses. Good job i have Rise of Flight to keep me going. Got an old PC ( 2-3 years) here as well, cannot remember whats in it but may give that a go over the weekend, cannot be any worse than it is on my normal games machine. May just give the Game to my Dad, hes got an older lower spec machine and CFS3 anyway. Del
  5. Increasing OFF Performance

    Already done that and not a massive improvement, I think it just does not like my PC. If i dont limit the CFS3.exe to one core as soon as it starts, I may as well be looking at a still photo. Thanks for the link anyway. Del
  6. Bird Dog can you list your specs. I am having problems getting it to run without pauses and stutters. Have tried the graphics tweaks with no major improvement, set to use only one core of my Quad core, otherwise its exceedingly slow slideshow. ASUS P5K mobo Q6600 Quad CPU 4Gb ram ATI HD 4890 1 Gb Creative X-Fi soundcard Two 500Gb SATA HD Guess its a problem using such old software on modern kit, it is not optimised very well (CFS3) and hogs resources even when exited (at least 2.5Gb memory in a tmp file). My system runs other stuff very well. Hope you may be able to help with advice, seems to run fine on other modern systems. May have to give up and stick to First Eagles and Rise of Flight, they should have that engine for the next OFF, would be awesome. Del
  7. Increasing OFF Performance

    Not having much luck with CFS3 / OFF myself, tried the graphics tweaks for ATI cards and setting to run on one core, still very slow and stuttery. Had to switch to using one core of quad or its like a slow Powerpoint presentation. Can the sound be a factor as big pauses seem to occur with gunfire shell explosions etc, already tried lowering acceleration but still same. Are there any other tweaks you know of that can help, otherwise it will be shelved, and i will carry on with First Eagles and Rise of Flight which run great. I have had CFS3 since it came out but not run for ages, got OFF because of the campaigns and great looking videos i had seen, at present its a bit of disappointment. ASUS P5K mobo Intel Q6600 Quad at 2.4 4Gb ram ATI HD4890 1Gb Creative X-FI souncard XP SP3

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