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  1. Iran Iraq War Quick Update

    that happened to me, but it was because i didn't download the other planes requiered and i was in a plane from the other airforce.
  2. Billy Fartbag.jpg

    I got that on WOE for a F-100 strike mission
  3. img00046.JPG

    can barely make out that mig. wow.
  4. Flight Sim"war"stories...

    I flew an interesting mission a while back. I was in a single player campaign mission in WOE when my flight of four F-15s was tasked with intersepting a formation of eight Soviet bombers. I thought they were MiG 27s as usual, but as I approached them I saw 8 TU22s and 8 MiG 23s flying escort. Crap. I loaded Aim-4 Falcon missiles instead of the usual aim-9s because my squadron was running low on Sidewinders. Anyone who has ever tried using aim-4s would understand my problem. Anyways, I switched to Sparrows and engaged the escorts. Before long, I was out of Sparrows, but 3 MiGs were down. Frustrated, I planted my fighter on the closest TU22's tail and fired a Falcon. I was surprised when it hit. I was even more surprised when a huge yellow shockwave expanded rapidly, turning all the Soviets to dust. Shocked, I turned around and RTBed. Later, I found out that I had mistakenly loaded aim-4 NUCLEAR Falcons instead of the normal ones. I had a big laugh after that.

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