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  1. Are the CH pro pedals compatible with the CH Fighterstck ? They seem to be associated with the CH Flight Yoke, where I Presume (probably wrongly) that there is a facility to connect them together. There doesnt appear to be anywhere on the fighterstick to connect the pedals, can they be plugged into a seperate USB port and still be compatible ?
  2. Something else to add to the wish list (and hide from the wife ) BirdDog
  3. Thanks Check six , that was a reply above and beyond the call of duty, , Ive added this to my "favourites" so that I can refer back to it. Thanks for taking the time to reply in such detail. Uncleal, thanks for the tip re' the Knowledge base, I have been trying to digest as much as I can from there, but sometimes stuff must slip through my "net" , I need to get my printer fixed and start printing off the "good" stuff
  4. I have tried searching the forum for an answer but cant seem to find one, ( Im not just being lazy, honest ) Can joystick/keyboard mapping be done in OFF ? Or does it have to be done in the CFS3 interface ? I have a CH Fighterstick and would like to substitute key presses for button presses, but Im not sure how to go about this. Any help greatly appreciated, even a point in the direction of a relevant post
  5. how do I disable shadows ?

    Thanks Macklroy, the level of support on this forum is outstanding,
  6. Sorry to be such a pest, but I noticed a few forum members posting that disabling shadows upped their fps. Try as I might I have been unable to find where I can disable the shadows in OFF....as always, any advice greatly appreciated
  7. Thanks guys, I created a new folder and dragged all of the CFS3 files into it. Then I ran CFS3 using "run as administrator" , patched it, ran it once, then installed OFF and patched it......hey presto! It works
  8. Hi Polovski, I only have one hard drive, how can i set up another drive ? Also I have just noticed on the back of the case my CFS3 came in that it says not compatible with Vista, is there a specific vista compatible version which I have to buy ?
  9. I tried reinstalling CFS3, but I cant get it to run, it just locks up on the loading screen, and if I try running the patch it gets to 94% complete and then seizes up. The CFS3 files dont seem to install into a dedicated folder but instead are just spread around in individual folders on my hard drive. selecting uninstall doesnt work and I have now (twice) had to manually delete all the associated folders I can find. This is starting to seriously P me off, Im desperate to get started with OFF, but because of this Microsoft POS Im stuck and very frustrated
  10. Thanks , I will try what you suggest, CFS3 didnt seem to install everything in one folder, there are associated folders sitting "on their own" on my hard drive, I will have to try tracking down every component part of CFS3 and deleting it individually. By the way I am using Vista.
  11. OFF, BHH, arrived today , I have tried installing CFS3, then installing OFF, but when I try to run it I get an error message. I then tried to un-install CFS3 ( in case there was some kind of error during the initial install) in order to try re-installing everything again. Problem is, I cant seem to un-install CFS3, the appropriate screen comes up, but when I choose un-install it just shows me the little "spinning wheel" , "busy" icon and stays that way for ever ( over 25 minutes at the last attempt ) , so I seem to be stuck in limbo. I cant un-install CFS3 in order to re-install it and OFF to get flying this sim that I have now waited over two weeks to get my hands on Can anybody offer advice ?
  12. I would have liked to have seen more dogfighting, but it is well worth a watch, and is beautifully filmed.
  13. Thanks for the help, and the welcomes , I will just have to be patient and wait for the posty to come up with the goods...easier said than done Looking forward to picking your collective brains over the coming weeks
  14. Hello, Just joined the forum and sorry to make my first post a bit of a whinge . I ordered OFF on the second of November, almost two weeks ago and havent received it yet. I was wondering if any forum members from the UK could tell me how long it took to arrive with them ? Im getting a bit frustrated waiting for its arrival and I was just wondering how much longer I might expect to wait. Cheers.

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