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  1. one of my 1940's suits - the jacket was made for my dad back in '47. 1940's silk peekaboo necktie. The gorgeous gal is a friend of mine from Seattle; Miss Kitty Baby. - she's a Burlesque/ Go Go Girl and a (former) US Marine... a triple threat. RAF Louvert, I'll try to find out who the poor unfortunate was the the RB waxed.
  2. I collect and wear vintage clothing - most of my wardrobe is 1940's and 50's. It's an eccentricity, I know but I like it. Some years ago a friend of mine told me about a former client of his that was selling some clothing- a nice 1920's tuxedo, with tails. Was I interested? Yes, of course, says I. I went out to meet the fellow, and he had all sorts of lovely stuff. He was a retired corporate lawyer who had tons of $$ and was downsizing. We got to talking about antiques, and he says would I like to see his Great Uncle's uniform from the great war? Yes, of course, says I. He pulled out a MINT - I do not exaggerate- MINT, condition RFC officer's uniform. He then went on to tell me that his Great Uncle was one of Richtofen's victims. He wouldn't entertain discussion over selling the uniform (I couldn't afford it's market value anyway), and that he was donating it to the Canadian War Museum. It was pretty cool to see, though.
  3. Mission Recorder?

    What about building a future version around IL2?

    It's hard to judge the guy when it's raining whores in his world. If I had as much access to tail as he does, I'd probably indulge a little, too. Actually, I'd indulge A LOT. I'm going thru a dry spell....it can affect a guy.
  5. Do I play? Absolutely. I love this game; I highly recommend "Real Fleet Boat" and "Run Silent, Run Deep: The Campaign" mods. I'm a realism fan. My current boat: USS Billfish, under way. A Kongo I sank with another boat - I spotted a TF withdrawing from the Battle of Santa Cruz. I got lucky! USS Billfish's greatest moment yet - one of four tankers that I sank in a convoy just after the Battle Of The Philippine Sea.
  6. I was wondering if there was a mission recording program available somewhere - would be nice to review missions; as I remember it, it was one of my favorite features in IL2; I got to see how I was shot down and what I did right. Any ideas?
  7. Actually, if you asked a layman on the street what is the a/c that they think of when you mention WWI, they will probably reply "Sopwith Camel", but only if they are fans of Charles Schultz' Peanuts. So in that regard, it is the best known a/c of that particular war.

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