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  1. Figured as much, thank for the reply.
  2. Due to recent hard drive failure I have lost my HiTR file. How do I get another download? What info do I need to provide and who do I provide it to? Thanks Airshark
  3. The 27th and 94th Fighter squadrons are now flying the F-22 Raptor out of Langley AB in Virginia.
  4. I have read that after flying with ESC 65 Nungesser was allowed to fly wherever and with whatever ESC he wanted, which would account for him showing up in various organization records.
  5. OOC: I have a problem. Weather canceled flying today so I moved ahead to the 30th. Jasta 6 is moving to new airfield, Vaux-en-Vermandois. Only this airfield is not in the data base. I check all the airfield files and it is not to be found, any suggestions? The game will not continue with it being added to the data base. Could this be something changed from the HiTR patch? Vaux-en-Vermandois is not in the OFF directory anywhere.
  6. Unfortunately, the afternoon mission ended when one of my adversaries ran into me while I was chasing another adversary. I crashed and am hospitalized until the 25th. So, out for Christmas. So, I think I will start another Brit or Frenchie on the 11th, since we are in for another five days of bad weather.
  7. 1 June 1917 0815 First day at RNAS-1 and was looking forward to my first patrol over the lines. But our beans and bangers were interrupted by air attack sirens. We rush to our kites but only me and Phillips and O'Leary got airborne. We headed out low to build up our courage and speed. We got some separation and were looking back at the Huns shooting up our field. So when we could see all the blighters were down low, we turned back in. They saw us coming and immediately turned in our direction. We met at least 8 head on and 4 more remained high. We ended up in a swirling fight, the three of us and at many more of the yellow-tailed Alb DIII's. As O'Leary covered my tail, I took shots of opportunity. There were so many Huns I think they got in each other's way and left me opening to put a burst in here and there. I saw one for sure fall to my guns and lose control and crash into the trees. Several others left the fight smoking or showing signs of engine damage or control problems. We continued to put burst after burst into them. O'Leary took a burst and lost a wing but managed to survive the crash. Phillips and I fought until our ammunition was exhausted and then seized an opportunity to bravely run away. We saw only 3 Alb DIII's behind us. When we got back to our own field O'Leary was waiting for us. We compared notes. O'Leary thought I got 9 and Phillips thought he saw 7 fall as a result of my shooting. I claimed the lower estimate.

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