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  1. Iy seems that all downloads at Biohaz are down. Fates is trying to get them back up again.
  2. F/A18: OIF

    Thanks for the info Trashman, I think that I will pass on this game and just play the Iraq missions on Janes F/A-18.
  3. Gulf Knight

    Site looks good Gulfjnight. :mrgreen: :thumbup:
  4. I would also have to agree with Fates, the ground pounders over at The Wargamer are dealing with their own fiasco from Strategy First, namely HOI. This game was also released in an unfinished state, the current patch is up to 18-19 meg with more on the way. It seems that Strategy First must take most if not all the blame for how SFP1 turned out. Hopefully TK can remedy the situation before a lot of gamers give up on SFP1.
  5. Whats yur favorite game intro movie?

    1 Janes USAF 2 Janes F/A-18 3 Diablo II and the expansion.
  6. Resizing skins

    Hello Fates, yes Voodoo 3 cards can only handle textures of 256x256 anything higher than that and the card will bomb out. This is why most new games don't support Voodoo cards including LOMAC. Fortunately I solved my problem, I don't know what it started out as but saving the downsized skins in an 8 bit format solved the problem. I now have skins on my aircraft unfortunately this 8 bit format also washes out some of the colors of the skin. I will deal with this problem later..... man I am going to have to get a new graphics card. Thanks for your input Fates I appreciate the help.
  7. That looks like some sort of medieval torture device. :shock:
  8. Hello everyone Just got Super Pro 9 up and running, because I have a Voodoo 3 card I have to resize all my skins. This I have done plus I have cut in half the other graphics (i.e. pilot) of the plane. The problem is is that the plane remains white, anyone have any ideas on this?

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