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  1. Le Missionneur: Mission Editor

    Does it work with SF2 series??
  2. What about some missions inspired in "Vipers in the storm"? It's one of my favourites books!
  3. I've been making some attempts but I've realised something. There are some memory address with the same values, I think this is because there are some data that can be found in some different places. For example: Altitude can be found in HUD, altimeter (some cockpits have more than one) Could be possible use a cockpit without any instrument? This make lot easier this job. Thanks!! PD: looking for any cockpit.ini you can se something like this: ...ADI... Instrument[005]=ADI_Roll Instrument[006]=ADI_Pitch Instrument[007]=ADI_Heading Instrument[008]=ADI_Slip_Ball Instrument[009]=ADI_Bearing Instrument[010]=ADI_Range What I need is to know the memory address where is stored for each one of this variables.
  4. Hi! I'm building my own cockpit and I would like to know if there is any way to export instruments data to an external monitor. I've read, that SF2 dos not support a secondary monitor, so I would like to know if could be possible use an external app that captures some data, for example altitude, speed, MDF data... I'm .NET developer so if you can tell me any way to do something like this (accessing shared memory for example) I could develop my own app. Thanks!!!
  5. SF2E Version August 2011 F-15A Avionics Enhancement v1c

    Sorry, I want to mean SF2I. Thanks!!!
  6. I've been checking and always are shown as enemy contacts. How many time has to spend in order to be recognised as friends?? This is for F-15A, isn't it? I'll try. Thanks!! Thank you very very much!!
  7. This would be wonderful!!! Thanks in advance.

    Unos pantallazos para ponernos los dientes largos no estarían mal jeje
  9. I know, but I thought that this feature would be also implemented in 3rd-party ones. This hapens only in this model or in all 3rd party? Thanks!!
  10. I'm using SF2: Israel. And I'm using Hard as simulation level. I've a problem flying with the IA. When I switch radar on I can only see contacts as enemies (colored rectangle). I know that some of them are friends but I think this could be because they have ECMs on. Anyway, when I block a contact, how can I know who is it?? In the SF2 manual it says: But I can't see the aspect (I'm flying EricJ's F-18). Here you can see a screenshot: Thanks!!
  11. Preguntas varias y dudas en general

    Hola! Estoy volando el SF2 WOI -Tengo puesta la configuración al máximo, pero aún así hay veces que los gráficos se ven demasiado simples, ¿hay algún mod que mejore los gráficos? -He estado probando varios modelos de caza modernos (F-15, F-16, F-18, MIG 29, Harrier GR7, ...) ¿Qué avión pensáis que está recreado y dónde puedo descargarlo? -He visto un pack muy completo, pero no sé cómo se instala. Hablo del NATO Fighters 4. Creo que antes de instalar la actualización tengo que instalar el original o algo así. ¿No existe un pack para instalarlo todo desde cero?
  12. Do any of you are using FaceTrackNoIR?? I've been testing it and works well, but I'm not being able to setting-up it well? Can you upload your settings profile? Thanks!!
  13. SF2E Version August 2011 F-15A Avionics Enhancement v1c

    ¿Does it work in WOI? Thanks!!
  14. Controles

    Hola! He estado buscando manuales o tutoriales, pero no he encontrado nada relativo a las teclas. Estoy configurando un perfil para mi X-52, pero entre que no encuentro nada, y que he utilizado SF muy poquito, no sé que teclas de función incluir. ¿Alguien podría decirme qué controles son los más importantes y sus correspondientes teclas en el teclado?, si no, ¿algún sitio dónde poder buscar? Gracias!

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