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  1. Can someone help?

    Thanks I'll give that a try
  2. Can someone help?

    Don' know if this the right forum topic but you can move it if need be, but here goes, Is it still possible to get a CD of OFF Phase 2? I had some one from the forum send me one years ago. Want to re-install but my original has a corrupted file so won't install. Upgrading system for anything newer is not an option. I am I out of luck?
  3. Newbie help - Can I run OFF BHaH?

    Thanks for the info, I'll give it a try. Still on XP.
  4. Was wondering if any one is still sending out P2 disc? I would like to try it as I can't upgrade system to P3 standards (fixed income) and I used to have P1 (Now gone, hard drive reformat) and thought it was quite good. Will help with postage, etc., live in the great Northwest, USA
  5. Newbie help - Can I run OFF BHaH?

    Guess Iam out of luck as a system upgrade is out of the question at this time -- Thanks for the info
  6. Greetings Here's the problem, my system is an old Dell 8250 w/512MB Ram, 2.4G processor and a Radeon 9500 video card w/128Meg Ram. I had OFF phase 1 installed on it and it worked fine with an acceptable frame rate, but I had to reformat the hard drive and lost it (no back up!) Looking at the OFF3 requirements, I may be out of luck, Do you think? I run FS9 without a problem though. Upgrading the computer is not an option at this time. If BHaH is unrunable on my system , is OFF1 or 2 available somewhere? Thanks for your help

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