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  1. Hello paulopanz, Is this for TW model ? Thanks!
  2. Hello paulopanz, Thanks for this pack! Regarding the sound of the Hispano Suiza Verdon, it is the same engine as the P&W J48 which was used in the Grumman Panther & Cougar, if it can help.
  3. Hello! How did you removed the lod of the needles ? I have them on top of my radar scope, position 12 o'clock, so the scope is merely useless. Thanks!
  4. Ok so if I have to deal with LODs, not just Gauges like in MSFS for example.
  5. Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.13

    What a beauty! A great way to revisit the Suez Crisis Campaign!
  6. Thank you Wrench! Since i use a modified huddata.ini in order to have just the essential information (weapon/gunsight/radar data since not all aircraft have the info in their cockpit and radio subtitles since I have the multinational speechpack), is there a dedicated key to have the radar pop-up when i need it, without changing the hud options in the menu? I didn't find one in the manuel. Finally, is there a more elegant and immersive way to have the radar scope in the cockpit, even if i have to replace a less essential instrument? Thanks!
  7. hello ! thank you very much for this aircraft ! I understand that there is no radar scope in the pilot cockpit, because the radar was managed by the WSO : - is the WSO cockpit modeled so that we can have a look at the radar scope ? - if not, is there a way to have the radar scope in the pilot cockpit ? thank you very much !
  8. I have read the Readme but was Asking myself whether i could merge the terrains. Thanks a lot for your great work Wrench!
  9. Ok thank you for this clarifications, due to my need to get an immersive campaign and that i have not hours to spend to download/make specific mod folders/edit campaigns, i will get stary's terrain as is, and it will do the job I think.
  10. Thank you tiopilotos. It seems that wrench used specific Tiles so They will not match with Stary's ones I think. One other thing I don't understand is the difference between these 2 files, both by Wrench :
  11. Hello ! After several weeks of modding, i am now near ready to start my first campaign, which will be in a Mystere IV over Israel in 1956... but I have one last dilemma, regarding what is considered as the ultimate IsraelME terrain mod. I have installed the last mod from Wrench, but I really miss Stary's Tiles, which are truly beautiful. Is There a way to use these tiles on wrench terrain ? Or is stary's terrain the ultimate one as a standalone install? I am really confused about the numerous mods we have here... Thanks for your help! Fly safe ! Penaratahiti
  12. Thanks ! I got more than I was looking for, and I think that is the zip i downloaded years ago !
  13. That's it! Great ! Thank you for that great work! I will also try to add it to the wonderful Super-Etendard we have here, with Exocet pylon since we don't have the specific pylon I think. Thanks Again you made my evening !
  14. Hello, I am currently having a lot of fun flying nuclear strike missions with the wonderful Mirage IVP from FRPignon (merci 1000x). One single thing that i would like to improve is the ASMP missile texture. Strangely, when i look into my weapon fonder, i see the *.BMP texture which is used by the model, and 2 other *.JPG textures which seem Much better, in the same way as the ASMP-A packed with the Rafale. It seems that i had another ASMP model before but i may have mistakenly erased it. Question : i have searched for all aircraft and weapon packs, but i can't get my hand on the model that uses these 2 *.jpg textures. Can Someone help me to find this ASMP model? Thanks a lot for your help! Fly Safe! Penaratahiti
  15. it is a S-24B (C-24Б) on your pic S-24 = C-24 S-24B = C-24Б S-24N = C-24Н S-24BNK = C-24БНK penaratahiti

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