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  1. Looks nice bit I don't have CFS3
  2. Damn don't that B1 just look mean.. a big please do goes to that Would love a B2 even more
  3. what am I doing now?

    Keep up the great work
  4. Jet Thunder : Angola - any chance?

    Man that would be so good to have both of those conflicts in there
  5. That's nice to know... looking foward to it
  6. How will JT compare to Falcon 4?

    Well as long as I can start it up and fly then I'm going to be happy I can't do that with any sort of confidence in F4 , tried both SP and FF and the stupid sim ctd on me so I tool it back off my hard drive in sheer frustration yesterday LOL so it won't take very much to beat F4 for me LOL
  7. Being in Aussie I presume it'll cost more so that all but kills it for me... I only hope that v1.02 still recievs modder support and doesn't get left behind as I presume there will be a quite large portion of the community that for the time being will stay on 1.02..
  8. Awsome stuff.. just a quick question I see I need to d/l the Mirage, which one? the IIIC or CJ Thought I'd d/l what I need beforehand and that way not clog up the system while everyone is trying to get files Cheers
  9. great - mentioned in PCPilot

    Good to see :yes:
  10. Hello ( new member here)

    G'day all
  11. What Do You Want More??

    Looking foward to this alot... chimpy nailed it nicely

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