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  1. I got CatPack and extracted FlightData.cat from the Program Files and I still can't find the nations.ini. I'm looking to add medals to a few other countries using the pack for the earlier Strike Fighters and I found where the pictures go, but I can't find where the .ini files listing all the medals and their requirements for each country are or the nations.ini file to tie the list .ini files to the countries. Maybe I'm missing something here all together, but I think if I can find that stuff, I can make this work and start getting German crosses for my Wittenmacher flights.
  2. I have a couple questions about it. I'm very interested in getting it simply so that I can fly USAF Mig CAP missions in something more nimble than an F-100C. Will it work with Exp. 2? How does it look in medium graphics in comparison to the other birds. One thing that annoys me is when I get great planes that end up looking horrible in comparison to the stock ones because I have to run med. graphics on my laptop.
  3. Where can you find the nations.ini file?
  4. Strike Fighters 2 only has medals for the American air components, but I usually fly for the Luftwaffe and I was wondering if there would be a way to add medals to countries like you could do in the old Strike Fighters. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and if it makes a difference, I have SF2E and SF2I merged right now with Exp1 and I plan to get Exp2.
  5. Ok, I'm looking at purchasing SF2V and using this expansion pack, but I have a concern after seeing a youtube video. The video claimed to be made using this and had a RF-101C in the opening sequence. Where the radar was supposed to be in the cockpit, there was a map. Is that actually how the RF-101C is in the sim? Are there other planes that can't use actual radar? I'm just curious cause that was visually disturbing.
  6. That's a lot more complicated than I thought. I don't know anything about modding SF2, so... Anyways, on the issue of the tail, it was indeed that of a later F-51H.
  7. Could the P-51D included in SF2I:E1 be modified into a Cavalier F-51D for use in SF2V by somebody? It would be much appreciated to have a time appropriate Mustang in just basic SEA camo without markings for just cruising or black ops over Vietnam.

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