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  1. Helo Aviation Websites

    Don't forget the FS2004 whirlybird site: www.hovercontrol.com
  2. Uh, ok clusterbombs are in the game, but with the stock setup, they just work like any other 'iron'. HOWEVER, there is in fact a mod that makes the impact actually sprinkle submunitions all over the place. I think it goes by "cluster fix" or something...
  3. So Much Potential...

    Yea, I'm quite interested in this one too! :D
  4. Even more Aircraft!!!

    Don't want to put words in his mouth, but isn't this jet finished production some time ago? Or is it still being produced?
  5. I ask because the other day I tried to install it, but instead it would just cycle through the CD after I prompted it for a choice. it basically locked up hard, and required me to stop windows and reboot... Any solutions?
  6. Like it says, will HD-2 work ok on my P3 1ghz, at 1024x768 ? I have 512megs ram, a Ti4200 128meg GF4, and WinXP Thanks!
  7. A Sim I'd Like To See Developed

    That would be cool. Of course, it would also be cool to have an RAF sim. Tornado ADV, IDS, Jaguar, Harrier, Pumas, Gazelles, WAH-64....
  8. Burried Mig-25 in Iraq

    Darn looters! LOL!
  9. "....and bam! You get one right up the tail pipe." Yikes! I'm not going anywhere near that! :D

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