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  1. Guess where I've been today?

    All i can say is number 15's town is lovely and wouldnt mind living there myself lol
  2. Guess where I've been today?

    Sorry Olham ..... my bad mate lol. I got excited and seen the glasgow pic and like a 6 year old in class i shouted out lol .....sorry lol
  3. Guess where I've been today?

    Number 13 is Glasgow, I think lol?
  4. Hello everyone

    Thanks Olham .... much appreciate the answer sir :-) Will give that a go :-)
  5. Hello everyone

    Hey Olham, Thanks for the advice sir :-) I have my campaign set to 'Normal' so as to have a 50/50 chance should i prang my kite or whatever other misfortune befalls me lol I have went through 3 or 4 pilots to date but my last pilot made something like 8 flights and got 5 kills........so I am improving in terms of living longer and feel I am getting to grips with the game more :-) (albeit on easier settings lol) As a side question ...... attacking the Hannovers ....is it better to attack from below or head on? As from the rear they like to put up a fair 'wall of lead' lol All the best James
  6. Hello everyone

    Welcome smilingmonkey and a great choice of game you have made. I got BH&H on Friday and have been playing it ever since, despite the fact I have about 40 prelim papers to mark as I am a history teacher lol. That said as some of the guys have said you will go through pilots lol. I just got killed when I was about to claim my 5th air kill ...... I shot down 1 Albatross, 2 Hannovers, A Fokker and had a Pfalz to claim if i landed okay .......despite damage and as gentle a touchdown as i could manage I rolled my crate and died !!!! arrghhhhhhhh So its back to creating another pilot and going for it again. The game has a very steep learning curve and I am playing with the difficulty level down a bit so I can get used to the game and the physics of the aircraft etc before 'ramping up' to harder settings. Just make sure and follow the instructions for your video card(ATi or Nvidia) as until I sorted these settings I had trouble as my game was stuttering. When i sorted them the game runs smooth and am maxxed out on settings for terrain etc. Just got to the FAQ for those settings .....it only takes 5 minutes, if that, to sort it all out and then you'll be soaring high over the Western Front. All the very best James
  7. Taskbar Keeps Appearing

    Hey uncelal, Well all i'll say is for a 'labour of love' its a fantastic product and a product well worth supporting as all that is best comes from the heart as they say ...... not just some money spinning exercise. So well done to those guys .... a fine product indeed and with that in mind we all don't mind waiting for the next product however long it takes as those guys will be working their 'nuts' off no doubt. All the best James
  8. Taskbar Keeps Appearing

    Hey uncleal ...... thanks for the reply sir :-) I restarted my machine, ensured my web browser was not open and it seemed to work fine after that. So i think it may be something with that, not sure. But certainly a restart and a only running the game with everything else closed seemed to do the trick :-) I'm actually really enjoying this game so much. I am playing campaign, albeit with some 'easy' settings, and am posted just outside Dover flying an Se5. I have had 4 patrols (all within UK airspace) and havent seen a single Hun yet lol. I think I am RFC 56 squadron if I remember right :-) Hoping to see some bombers soon to get stuck into :-) I assume the game have Gotha bombers etc? All the best and thanks uncleal James
  9. Hey guys, I have a small issue that my taskbar keeps appearing when loading missions. Usually I just click the MCFS3 icon and after doing that once or twice I then get to the take off screen. However sometimes I click it and it shows me the flight screen for 5 seconds then minimizes to a black screen like this: http://img151.imageshack.us/i/bhandhscreen.jpg/ and u see the black screen withthe taskbar again. Any ideas as to why this is guys? I am using Windows 7 if that helps All the best and many thanks in advance :-) James
  10. My God This Game Is Hard ! LOL

    Hey guys, Thanks very much for the feedback and advice :-). It certainly is a beautiful game for sure. The trouble I have is getting onto the enemy and even knowing where he is lol ....... i just see tracer, then i start evading, looki round with hat switch and barely see anyone or just a flash of the enemy, then its just maneouvreing in the hope i get onto him lol. I can claim an assist kill though i think lol .... I was badly shot up and limping for home and I was about 200 feet off the ground and my camel would only do 40/50mph max and i was trying to evade a german aircraft that was still on my tail and I looked back and he was on firee and smacked into the ground ...... i think my flack guys got him lol ......... Can i make a claim for him? hahahahahahahahaha ........ or is that clutching at straws lol I am going toinvest in TrackIR for Xmas ..... thats a certainty lol All the best felaa's James
  11. Just got my game about 5-6 hours ago and have set it to relatively easy settings and i'm being blown out the sky, flying into forests lol etc ....... all you 'veterans' werent joking when you said the game had a steep learning curve lol That said I have to say the game is incredible and so immersive. ......... absolutely love it and I am determined over the forthcoming months to increase the realism and become an Ace lol I am using a hat switch for looking around and can see now why a lot of you guys are using TrackIR ....makes perfect sense lol ....... I think Santa needs to bring me one lol All the best fellas and happy hunting James
  12. Hat Switch Views

    ahh sorry uncleal ... what a dimwit i understand the #42 etc mate .... got it now lol ....what an idiot i am lol
  13. Hat Switch Views

    Thanks uncleal ........ again i am gonna sound like a total noob (which I am lol) ....how do i acces #16, #42 etc ........ when i goto knowledge base i dont see any lists that are numbered etc to look at Sorry for being such a fool All the best James
  14. No Delivery of Game!

    hey guys, Great news ....my BH&H arrived today after 15 days ....so I am delighted. Its all installed as well as the HiTR expansion and running like a dream :-) My first sortie I lasted 20 minutes and was soundly shot out the sky lol ..... I was too busy admiring the views and a sneaky Hun got on my six and blew me out the sky lol What a game .... love it :-) Thanks greatly to support and all you guys for the help and laughs :-) Best Wishes and Tally Ho James
  15. Hey guys, Well my BH&H arrived today :-) Got it all setup, sorted my ATi settings etc and it works like a dream :-) I have been up once, lasted 20 minutes and was blown out the sky lol Anyway I saw the answer to this somewhere in the forum and for the life of me I cant find it ......... My hat switch 'snap looks' whereas I am looking to set it to a slower sort of pan look when I look around ..... can anyone help please? Many thanks in advance :-) All the best James

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