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  1. I have 4 of the 5 games, and a few of the DLCs. But I would gladly pay $99.99 for that if 1) it had Occulus VR support or 2) online lobby play.
  2. Looking for checklists for FC3, would like printable checklists for preflight, taxi, takeoff.. Etc. I've seen a lot on Google that either have the actual checklists with no key commands or keyboard maps with no checklists. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Yes. F2 doesn't seem to zoom out enough like it does on just 1 widescreen monitor.
  4. Recently moved Strike Fighters 2 (NA,ISRAEL,EUROPE,VIETNAM) onto my new gaming rig as I'm not having as much fun as I thought I would in DCS. My Gaming rig is three 24" screens and when playing the game, I can't zoom out in the cockpit. The default view is kind of close to the hud and I can only zoom in. Anyway to fix that?
  5. I have that, it's a great mod. Just tweaking it some more, specifically for CBU-24. I've been following the A-6 Intruder Facebook Fan Page on Facebook and it's got some great pictures of loadouts. There was a VA-165 Ordie who was talking about VA-165 during the Linebacker campaigns. I'm searching it, trying to find the picture at the moment, but it's an A-6 with two 2x AGM-45 and 4x CBU-24, 2 CBU's on the 1 and 2 stations. The typical loadout in the game is either four CBU-24 carried on Station 1, 2, 5 and 6 or three CBU-24 carried on stations 1, 4 and 6. I edited it to load 2 CBU-24 and it placed them on stations 5 and 6, which looked weird. So I'm trying to place them on the bottom stations (1 and 2) of a MER. If I find that picture I will share it here.
  6. Hello, Trying to adjust bomb placement on A-6 MER racks. Quick Link or guide on how to do that?
  7. D folder... Is that required? I haven't created a D folder for any of my projects yet. They all reside directly in the name of skin folder. VA-65, VMA-225, V-55, etc...
  8. I was under the impression the game had 400 series decals, I guess that's where I'm lost. I thought they had 100-800? The 407 is available from the ingame drop down, and I can select 407 on any other default Intruder Skin and it shows. Sorry to be so confused, I'm still pretty new to this despite owning the game forever lol.
  9. I'm working on more detailed, historic A-6 Decals. I've set the numbers in the editor, I select 407 in preflight, but it always shows 307. I have a numbers list in the skin folder all set to 4xx... Just not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Here's my WIP A-6A from VA-65 circa 1966.
  10. Thanks for your help Wrench, finally got VMA-225 looking more realistic.
  11. It doesn't seem to be working for me. I navigate to my my A-6A.ini and it says that it could not find LOD. Any clues? Well, I know it's the speed brake from your pic. I will start there.
  12. I downloaded the LOD viewer, but I've realized I can't extract the LODs to view. I downloaded the A-6 Template as well. I guess I can just try to paint the speed brakes and make it work. I was just hoping to use the E textures on the A model, they are nearly identical save the speed brakes. Not all the A model Speed Brakes were metal with holes, that's what I'm trying to fix.
  13. On the A-6 models the Fuselage Brakes seem to go like this... The A-6A/B have the dark holed brakes, the E's have the holes removed or filled and painted, with low vis gray on the later models. Without painting over the brakes, how can I just take an E texture and use it for an A model to represent an A model with solid fuselage brakes? I've attached some skins I've been working on, updating the A-6s to a little more realistic look for certain eras. The first two are E models from VA55, the last one is an A model I'm working on for VMA-225. Trying to make it's fuselage brakes solid, no holes.
  14. Is there a list of BuNos by Image Name? Trying to place accurate BuNos in specific skins.
  15. Placed in correct folder, still no lights... What am I doing wrong here?

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