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  1. Wow, the place is lookin' good!

    Hey Jeff, If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here in the first place. Cheers
  2. Anybody know anything 'bout wedding rings?

    The One Ring from Lord of the Rings Movies was actually a replica of somebody's wedding ring. Just imagine the power.
  3. Biohaz Folding!

    For a second there, you got me quite worried. I thought you were saying Biohaz is bankrupt. lol.
  4. Arsenal finally drops one..

    Lol, I thought you were referring to Arsenal as in weaponry. Well, just shows how long I've been away from England (grew up there, beautiful country). I lived in Sheffield, and Sheffield Wednesday/United ain't doing too well. (Last time I checked they were last, and second last lol) Anyways, good to know there's another soccer (footy!) fan on the boards! :D
  5. Return of the King: Extended Edition

    Yeah, I downloaded it to see if it was good. Instead, it showed me the coveted Mouth of Sauron, the Scene between Aragorn and the Palantir and Gandalf vs. the King of all Wraiths. I wanted to be amazed when I finally put that DVD into my player, and watch it for the first time. Now, I feel like I'm buying the ROTK:EE DVD for collection reasons. Couldn't they have made it like the Starwars teasers? Where they showed about 1 second of footage interlaced with a lot of fading in, fading out and coinciding with Darth Vader's breathing? Here's what I would've done: Low Drum Roll like the army of Sauron in ROTK Title: Return of the King: Extended Edition Fade in: Gandalf and Merry on the horse, but don't show the Nazgul king. Fade out Fade in: Frodo and Sam Fade out Fade in: Aragorn and the palantir but nothing afterwards Fade out Fade in: The mouth of sauron standing far away so it's out of focus. Fade out And flash Sauron's One eye End title; Coming December and with the Bam bum, bam bum LOTR music from the Fellowship of the Rings when Sauron first appears.
  6. Your prayers are needed

    Oh man, I don't know what to say. I know you feel like because my friend died in a car crash several months ago. Hope you're coping alright.
  7. Too much time with Photoshop...

    Well, it doesn't take too long to do it in photoshop. But funny indeed!
  8. Bleak Sunrise Wallpaper

    Hey folks, I'm back at it again with this new release. It's all drawn in Photoshop CS. Enjoy! Bleak Sunrise All resolution sizes from 800x600 - 1600x1200 are featured on my website (when it's up again, the server went swimming in sewage) Here's the 1600x1200: http://serv1.freeimageupload.net/uploads/1097885440.jpeg
  9. Return of the King: Extended Edition

    DON'T WATCH IT!!!! It is full of spoilers! If you want to be surprised, don't watch it. The trailer kinda summed up all the extended scenes.
  10. looking for a squad

    I'm in the 23rd Ticats. The link to our squadron website is below in my sig.
  11. Website Update in progress

  12. Happy Birthday Wanks!

    Wee thanks! I was having 2 consequetive birthday parties last night and I slept till 11 this morning so a)I'm still tired, and b) I'm a little late acknowledging this. But thanks anyways. It's always good to know that people from all over the world, even some you've never see or talked to, knows when your birthday is. (and to my friends who thought my birthday was September 9th, booo! :P) Anyways, it was fun. I work at the swimming pool, so I got thrown into the pool with all my clothes on, and then punched 19 times by all the guards there. What fun people eh? My arm is still sore *ouch* And i played Starcraft till 4AM while ODing on caffeine. What a fun day.
  13. Website Update in progress

    Yeah, I think I commented on that too (we think alike). Anyways, new logo is up, hopefully MJ can update it soon.
  14. Website Update in progress

    Looking excellent already.
  15. Okay, been perusing through the website and noticed some graphics problems. 1) The logo doesn't stretch all the way (my bad) so I've devised a plan. Could you make the background of the table cell behind the logo a picture? (or make the entire logo a background picture? and just put a empty space in the table cell) Just like the Forum logo, I can supply you with a picture where it goes on indefinetly and then blends into to the background color. 2) The metallic grey/white gradient at the top (and bottom i presume) of the page get screwed up when you view the image gallery etc. So maybe you could make the background of those cells the same color as the edge colors (probably grey) so people don't notice, and make the gradient centered all the time? (should be able to do this in the style sheets) Okay, that's all I've noticed. If you need any help MadJeff, don't hesitate to gimme a holler. My MSN is wynhou@hotmail.com if you use MSN Messenger. Great job on the website, it looks cooler than ever. (Maybe we can add more Biohazcentral elements to it. It has a sort of template kind of feel to it)

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